Any reports of 'bad' game discs?

After 400+ hours of playing Battleborn, our game disc got a huge scratch on it just in time for the event last weekend. @Ganjamira and I were unable to login and participate.
While I know there’s probably no way to obtain the event skins retroactively, another puzzling thing came up along with this.

I bought a brand new replacement disc, which arrived today.
Curiously, our Xbox One refuses to read the new disc, just the same as the old damaged one.
(Even mechanically: It gives the normal 3 read attempts, then shuts down drive activity completely.)

Most of the time, such behavior is indicative of a failing disc drive, but other discs are read flawlessly on the first try (tested three other game discs).
Could it be that some batches of game discs have production flaws?

I will probably end up buying the digital version anyway, just to be done with it.
I just wanted to bring this up here to check if there are other known cases and make sure that the devs are aware of this.