Any rumors or new information about the future of Brothers in Arms?

The development of the Hells Highway sequel was confirmed, but nothing has been known since.

Do you think that finally this year we can see material or some first trailer? Maybe in E3?

What do you think? Any chance Randy Pitchford could say something about this?


Good question. We know that the Quebec GBX studio is working on something, but whether it’s BiA or something else has not been revealed. Randy has dropped hints about significant announcements coming this year though. (See the post in the Gearbox Talk/News category for a link to the glixel interview.)

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I hope so.

I’m glad they’re working on the next BIA. It’s been a while since Hells Highway. However, I hope they focus on realism, keeping the line of RtH30 and EiB, which I really enjoyed, because HH felt even in PC like a console CoD. I’m not sure what happened with Hells Highway that felt so much less realistic than the first two, maybe the nazis AI didn’t work as well, maybe it was much easier to aim and shoot, or maybe it was just the scenarios, but for me the EiB is the best of the serie. I would like to keep seeing remembrance of the real missions fought and feel like you are doing exactly what the real soldiers did, all the Extras in the first two games gave that feeling. Also like someone on other forum said I want the old first person cutscenes, the weapon sway, rain sound on your helmet, aggressive Germans AI and screaming, Germans that flank, really dangerous mg42s, panzer that scare the s*** out of you, the “Assault” feature, and to make the weapons less CoD-like. Sticking to real veterans testimonys and the game as close to the 82 and 101 real history and missions at the time is what made RtH30 and EiB so immersively realistic. Basically I’m asking for a improved EiB sequel, which I expected Hell’s Highway to be but was disappointed.

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hear, hear!

Lets hope for the best :slight_smile:

You know what, i’ve changed my mind. After I posted my previous comment I went and reinstalled Hells Highway, and it is still the best ww2 shooter and also the most realistic. I stand with the germans not being super smart and dangerous but gearbox really did an amazing job with this game. The blood textures, the scenerys, the one hit death and a lot of extra content I hadnt read prove my last comment wrong. Keep it comming gearbox, I cant wait for the next one

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