Any scary stories you want to share or have experienced?

Okay. So lately I’ve been watching TONS of scary videos and such. Just binge watching that kinda stuff from channels like ScareTheater, ReignBot etc. It has reminded me of something that I haven’t thought of for many years. To start off, this takes place at least 7 years ago when I was 9 or 8. I was riding in the back seat and we were on our way home from a party that a friend of my moms had thrown. On our way back we ended up getting T-Bone’d during a car crash spinning our car, shattering 2 windows and pushing my hip inwards when the door was crunched in my direction. I remember being placed in the back of an ambulance and taken to the hospital where they were to keep us until we could get a ride home and to see if we required any medical assistance. All of us were fine physically so our only obstacle was getting home since that went horribly wrong. We ended up having a friend of ours pick us up in his truck and drive us home. This is where things got scary for me. I was the only one affected by it but my family completely believes me. I remember when he was pulling into the driveway dropping us off at our place so we could take it easy I saw something. It was terrifying. In my bedroom window (this window faces our driveway so anyone pulling in could see directly in there) was the figure of a man. I’m scared just writing this. It was the silhouette of a large man. Completely black, seemingly composed of shadows, and without any arms and what seemed to be a bald head. I don’t know what it was but I just broke down crying. Something about pulling in with the headlights shining through my bedroom window and seeing him. I had no thoughts of who it was. It didn’t resemble anyone from my family nor anyone who had previously committed suicide within my family. I just don’t know what to make of it. I didn’t go into my room that night nor for the rest of the week. I’m not sure why I was so afraid other than he was not supposed to be there. To me it seemed that he had no ill intent, he possibly even seemed open and nice. I got a feeling that he meant no harm but I have almost never been more scared save a few times in the following years. I haven’t seen the man ever since that time. Yet, I can’t help but feel so extremely unsettled and terrified at the figure. Something was so uncanny and and mortifying about it. Other than that one instance I haven’t been able to connect any other scary experiences since with that night. The only other things to seem remotely similar are my bouts of sleep paralysis, where I am frozen, completely unable to move, at the mercy of my own mind. I saw a figure in my closet. A large man again, and now that I come to think of it, it may be that figure that I saw that night. I’m contacting my cousin as I type this because I remember her mentioning something akin to this. You see, I lived in a duplex. My cousin’s family had previously. In the other end of the duplex there had been rumors of a haunting. Because there had been a murder in that side prior to either of us living there and that is one of the main reasons they moved out. She says she distinctly remember seeing a figure in her closet one night. She says it looks like an old man which is the sense I got. He never moved or anything just simply watched over us. Almost as a guide or something. He came to both of us and simply watched. Looking back on it I don’t know whether to feel sad or happy about it. Maybe both. He could very well be that man who was killed on the other side of that duplex stopping by to say “it’s alright” and maybe even protecting us. I just don’t really know what to make of these experiences but I feel that he was not there to cause trouble.

That’s just my story that I wanted to share, it’s from memory so it’s really hazy but I think the general set of events is all there. What have you guys experienced or heard of? Or what is the scariest thing to ever happen to you?
Note: Also I hope this didn’t make anyone uncomfortable or anything, I just felt like I had to share it and get it off my chest. Hopefully it doesn’t break any community guidelines or something like that as it covers a murder that happened next to us. If you need me to change something that doesn’t fit or breaks guidelines just tell me or delete it altogether. I don’t want my account banned or something like that lol


I’m sorry to hear about the crash.

For starters the human mind can pull tricks that makes believe something or someone is watching us.
I personally haven’t been affected by sleep paralysis but i know the effect it can cause on people, so i hope it hasn’t been to bad for you lately.

My experiences

1: For about 1 to 2 years i’ve been seeing flashes of light and sometimes faces through windows.
This is probably due to me watching vids about alians, i’m a strong believer in extraterrestrial life existing, the Universe is to big for it to just be Us here on Earth.

2: Nightmares happen for me every couple of weeks, all hazy but one were i woke up and my brother was walking down the hallway, i looked out my bedroom windo and seen Bigfoot. Yes Bigfoot lol, i tried screaming to my brother but i couldn’t, it felt like i was being strangled. How it ends was even stranger, i looked back at Bigfoot an he\she was standing there looking at me with piercing red eyes and started roaring at me.

After that i woke up for real in a cold sweat and felt weird.

My experience is no were as bad as yours, i’m probably just not right in the head.

Thank you for sharing your experience with people, i’m always interested with stories like yours.

Peace :peace_symbol:


No problem man, nightmares are foreign to me, I don’t really get them too often, more often than not my dreams are just strange not scary. Sleep paralysis has pretty much gone entirely away since then but the few times that it hit me, it was probably the most terrifying thing to ever happen. Just the prospect of not being able to move at all is super freaky, but I gotta say even though ghosts and stuff are creepy it still interests me, I have that same habit of watching spooky videos before bed too :joy:

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Thats good to hear :slight_smile:

But i feel you about the vids lol, i watch mostly of a day but when i do watch them at night my anxiety goes from 20 to 1000 lol, probably doesn’t help that i suffer from depression most of the time.

Wish you the best for the future :smiley: