Any shield glitches that make them weak?

I noticed today when I got on that when my shield was full it would still show that shield icon flashing. I eventually got it to go away. But all day today I have been noticing that my shield seems to go down INSANELY quick compared to any other time I played. It feels off…my shield is 3500 strength and drops to zero almost instantly. It’s almost like i’m not even wearing a shield…

What kind of shield is it (AKA manufacturer)? What level is it compared to the enemies you are facing?
What character are you playing as?
It may be due to your gear.

Im level 36…the shield is a Maliwan level 30 cautious shock spike shield.

The enemies are like 28-31. Something just feels wrong about the shield now…I was using it for awhile now and didnt have this issue.

Actually total its 4,100 strength. I just noticed a single shot from a loader bot did 800 damage to the shield. Also earlier I got killed by something so quickly I never even saw any of my bars drop it was so fast. Put me into last stand and again did so much damage to me I never even saw the LAST STAND bar show up…I just died immediately

I made another topic about not liking how easy it is to ebcome an overleveled god in this. I was walking around like I was on on God Mode…then all of a sudden its like I am taking 10 times the damage or more.

That’s sounds pretty bad. You may have been perma-slagged or something. I’m not sure what it could be. I wonder what other people think.

My only theory is the enemies killing you that fast have shock weapons. They do extra damage to shields.