Any side missions rewards in BOB worth anything?

Im asking since just last week i heard of the Seven Sense reward from Cold Case mission in GLT dlc. I usually run M6 but if there is a decent reward in BOB ill bump up to M10. FYI i plan on doing all side missions anyway but want to know if i need to change my mayhem. Be awesome VAULT HUNTERS!!

There are some good rewards, I believe the ones with the best rewards are from any area that isn’t the blast plains. MH10 isn’t too bad to run after the latest patch either, I did the whole dlc. Granted, I play clone and drone Zane so idk how different that would be for you!

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The Shoddy is a white rare unique that is a bit tricky to use but man is it a beast.


Yes. The Dirty Deeds side mission in Ashfall Peaks gives you the Bubble Blaster, at mid range it’s Death in the shape of bubbles. Most of the side mission rewards are quite good with some special features/mechanisms

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Unlike the recent takedown, a lot of the weapons received in DLC3 (side mission or not) or either viable or great.


Some of the regular missions also give good purple rewards.
Best to play M10, and try everything that drops or is awarded to you to see if there is use for yourself.

I really love both the Peashooter and the Dakota shotgun.

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Ah never heard of that one, I’ll look it up thanks. And welcome to the community!

Yeah that’s why I was asking to see if they are worthy of m10. Guess I’ll give them a shot.

Short answer is yes both redtext jacobs psitols are good and dakota is also goodish

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I picked up the Miracle grenade on my Fl4k and it’s been putting in major work. Should mention I get +30% elemental from my scorcher and a potential +106% damage from Frenzy, Pack Tactics, Interplanetary Stalker and Big Game. It strips flesh enemies fast and I haven’t been able to replace it with anything. Could just be me, but I think it’s underrated. And if it dropped with +150% damage during active skill? Man, that would be something to see.

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I think the rewards are very, very solid in this expansion. Even the majority of the purple guns you receive are quite strong. I played through whole sections of the DLC with them on M10 just for fun as I received each one.

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Is it a world drop or dedicated?

Sidequest reward, the first little sidequest on your left when you first enter the Blastplains.

Awesome thanks!

what mayhem are you on thought, i doubt it can kill anything beyond mayhem 4

Mainly m6 but bump up to m10 for mission rewards.

Mayhem 10.

you are killin things with a grenade on mayhem 10 i’d like to see that :d

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Try it out, it works great for me. Come to think of it, I do have splash damage on my Red Fang class mod and I don’t remember what stats I have on my Deathless. Still, it works way better for me than any other grenade I’ve given my Fl4k.

If you been playing on M6 anyway I would just make the switch to M10. It’s been nerfed so no reason not to anymore as the stats aren’t nearly as bloated as before. As for BoB rewards…many of them are really good so again…I would just play the whole DLC on M10. I made the mistake of playing my first playthrough on M8 and it felt like a waste of time honestly. I mostly just didn’t want to deal with the stupid modifiers and M8 only has 2 but I would advise just biting the bullet and re-rolling until you get modifiers that suit you.

Quickdraw is cool but a bit gimmicky for my taste. Peashooter is really good. Dakota shotgun is also really good (final mission reward) and you can farm it before completing the final mission (hint: photo mode). I would advise doing that to get the anointments you want before completing the final mission.