Any Slack rooms for Battleborn?

Slack is kinda my jam these days and I’m wondering if anyone knows of Battleborn Slack room accepting new players. I’m mainly hoping to find people to play with, organize games, hang out, and discuss the game.

I’m on PS4 now and about [this] close to getting it for X1 too.

If we don’t know of any rooms, would you folks be interested in one? I’d be up for creating it.

Thanks for any tips!

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I have Slack and would be down. No idea how to create a public room though.

Guess I’m getting old. I have no idea what a slack room is…You dam kids and your slacker rooms… smoking the weed and playing your videa machine games


New chat app and service, kind of a hosted, centralized IRC. Lots of flexibility, great apps (especially mobile), lots of add-ons we can use.

Business-oriented, but people use it for all sorts of stuff like this. I’m in two Slack rooms for Destiny. :smile:

I might create one. If I do, I’ll post it here.

I recently set up a Slack team for my Battleborn group on the100. Just a few folks trickling in so far, but I’d like to open it up to anyone on PS4 who’s interested. I’ve used Slack a bunch for my Destiny group - even though I love scheduling sessions in advance, having a Slack community is amazing for picking up folks on the fly. Not to mention it’s fantastic for just chatting.

Anyhow, if you’d like to join us, you’re more than welcome. Just fill out this form and I’ll send an invite. That goes for anyone else reading this as well. If you’re on PS4, come join us. The more the merrier!