Any solution to HW1 Classic Mission 10 bug?

I’m playing Remastered HW1 Classic right now and I’m faceing the known bug that I can’t complete mission 10. Is there any work around for that bug so far? I tried two times but it wouldn’t work. I also wrote to gearbox a couple of days ago but no answer yet.

Can you elaborate?
What exactly are you having trouble with?

The objective is to kill all enemies but when there is no enemy left on the map it still says that the objective is not complete. I searched the whole map but I can’t continue.

That’s the one where Cpt. Elifson makes his first appearance isn’t it? I recall getting stuck there once and did figure out why but it’s been a while and I forgot exactly what it was…
It was either capturing all the carriers and not destroying them, OR killing the fleet too quickly that was chasing Elifson.
The game got stuck either because the carrier didn’t trigger something or the chasing fleet didn’t trigger something.

No, it’s the one with the Supernova where many people are stuck because of that bug.

Same problem here, seems is an old problem - Homeworld 1 Remastered Mission 10 Won’t Complete. I’m very tired of redoing this mission, in a slow game restarting is very tedious.

OK. I think I ran into this a long time ago. It has to do with the enemy carrier not starting its run correctly. Send a probe down to the enemy carrier and make sure it gets within sensor range of it. Keep sending probes until you get the message about it escaping. Don’t start your attack on the outpost until you deal with the carrier first.

There are small glitches all over the game. Some are very helpful and some can prevent a mission from completing. If you run into trouble just follow the path of least resistance (do what the game wants you to do and in that order).