Any spectacular gun-based Zer0 builds?

I was just wondering if anyone has any good gun builds for Zer0, as I’ve already tried melee, and I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I’m no good at sniper, and I recently heard of people playing a gun-based Zer0, neither sniper nor melee. Is this actually a thing and if so, can someone suggest a build?

afaik, non-sniper gun Zer0 is usually gun-melee hybrid, which you might find really fun (I think, when I hit 72 and feel like changing up my Zer0’s playstyle from sniper, that is what I’ll try next on him).

As for specific setups, maybe something like this with Leg. Hunter:

A gun melee hybrid build sounds interesting. As long as there’s variety and not just a bladed slag moxxi weapon and a rapier with a hide of terra or love thumper

What gear would you reccomend for this build?

I honestly dunno, but bladed weapons are certainly excellent for it, anything that’s good in CQB, especially anything that can dump alot of damage fast (reload speed isn’t much of a problem w/ Killer+Fast Hands). I haven’t gotten outta NVHM w/ my mains yet, so I can’t really comment on specific endgame gear (I am a vet of BL1 though, so I understand the big picture of BL gameplay in general and actually do have a lot of hours in BL2, taken the slow road to getting to 72).

I should mention that my intended final build is as much a pure gun Zer0 as you can get, but that kinda guarantees that you have a sniper leaning because you have enough points to get all the good gun stuff+the sniper specific stuff.

My target build:

There are a lot of gun builds for Zero that aren’t melee hybrids
And there are also no needs for snipers to enter the mix at all.

Here are a few examples:

This one is based around shotguns and deception/Unforseen:

This one is based around the Kitten:

…And those are just my builds … there are a lot of other builds out there.

Zero works great with pistols and shotguns, especially Jakobs.
It’s very easy to make a build around the infinity or the Maggie for example.

Here’s another good example of a generic pistol build for Zero:

A typical Cunning/Bore gun Zero build looks like this usually:

With the remaining points going into Velocity, precision and/or Unforseen, depending on the gear.


@Chuck80’s already given you some great suggestions. You’ll find a wider collection of builds of various types here:

The individual builds usually have suggested gear, but there’s also this:


I’ll give some of these a go and see which one I like most. Thanks guys

Most of Zero’s sniper tree synergises well with shotgun play, so it’s completely viable to run a gunner build.

Check out some of Man of low moral fiber’s does it suck shotgun runs with Zero for some ideas on the build.

Left and middle tree mainly and probably killing blow.