Any suggestions for changes to Fl4k?

Personally, I think Fl4k is in a really good place. Just a few tweaks and he’ll be perfect in my opinion.

Except of course dominance. That skill needs an entire overhaul.

First off, it looks so boring! It definitely should not be just a normal melee swipe. Melee override skills looked cool in bl2 (Even though they were kinda crappy dmg wise) Perhaps a special animation where Fl4k brings out a whip, unravels it and then whips an enemy. Just a simple 1-2 second long animation. This could also be used as an excuse to increase the range of the ability, since getting up close to enemies in mh10 is a death wish.

Secondly, it should have a much longer duration as it feels like no time at all to make a difference during gameplay.

Thirdly, the health drain on the dominated target is so little. It should either guarantee death of target at the end of the duration (minus bosses of course) or do enough damage to kill an anointed militant, and this damage also scales to mayhem levels.

Fourthly, it should give a scaling damage boost to the dominated target. The higher the mayhem level, the more the damage boost increases to cope with increased health values.

Finally, it should do at least something to bosses. At the very least stun them for a few seconds.

(It could possibly also be used to buff your pet with movement speed or damage :confused: )

Honestly i think dominance should just be replaced. They can’t really even figure out Fl4k’s main pets scaling, and its not like the world scaling is even that static. So i just don’t think Dominance is ever something they are going to figure out. So scrap it and come up with something else.
If they are dead set on keeping it though, then to start make it a permanent pet till it dies. And then maybe think about adding player buffs to it.

Anther idea is swap it with Psycho Head on a Stick, and then rework and substantially buff Psycho Head on a Stick to be finale capstone worthy (make is stacking). I think that is probably more doable. And then Dominance even just by being a midpoint cap stone doesn’t look as bad.


Honestly can we swap dominance effect with the red f4ng mod effect. I mean it feels so essential to GB Fl4k that at least for me using any other mod feels like crippling myself and dominance can stay in the game as is for that 1 guy who actually uses it. I’m sure the new dominance mod will see the same usage as rakk commander.


Trust me dude, I’m 'bout to go off about that.


Oh god rakk commander. The one class mod i never even bothered to use during my whole playthrough from launch till now.

What it should do is make it so that you can have multiple instances of rakks out at one time, as well as adding an extra charge and maybe even a damage boost to the rakks.


I would like to see Pet Damage added to the OGT grenade annoint. It already has weapon damage, grenade damage and action skill damage. Why not throw an extra 25% pet damage in there?

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I’d prefer something that is useful with any build and not exclusive to gamma burst, maybe something like “when fl4k uses attack command, their pet taunts all enemies for X seconds, and gets damage reduction and damage” That would be great for a lot of builds.

Only thing that i’ve really thought about lately was a new COM to help out fade away. it can already be a strong skill with the right setup but I think it could have room for non-damage buffs to add utility.

my idea is auto-reload on activation and quicker reload, weapon swap, mode swap, and ADS speed. not standout and might need something added to help put it on par with other legendary COMs, but I can’t say how often I find myself using half the skill just to reload to shuffle my weapons around when I forget which is bound to where.