Any suggestions for improved DPS for my build?

I been trying to figure out a build for Moze. I don’t farm much if at all so I don’t have a wide array of gear to choose from. I do have a lot of legendary items so I just try to make due with what I have for the most part. This is why I have a hard time following YT type builds because they usually require specific gear at the very least if not specific gear with specific rolls/anointments. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

So with all that being said I was watching a Moxzy video about his Fire Hoze Moze build. It looked fun but of course I don’t have all the gear he was using. I also really like the high shield type builds so I decided to slightly modify his build to work with a deathless type shield build and instead of using vampyr to keep myself healed I would just use Shield Reboot GR perk and FCoW to keep my shield up.

The extra AS CD means I can keep jumping into IB to refresh shields almost at will so I haven’t had much trouble with survivability since my shield is 50k (I haven’t tried a boss yet so not sure how well that will go). However, my damage seems a bit low. It’s not terrible as I can kill things OK but on M4 it can still take me far longer than what Moxzy was able to do. I know some of it is my gear but I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on my skill options that might improve my DPS without ruining my survivability. I don’t expect to do the same DPS as Moxzy but rather to just improve what I have a bit.

Here is the Moxzy build I sorta started with:
This is the build I ended up creating:

For gear I’m using a Catalytic Front Loader shield, Blood-sucking Blessed Blast Master Mod, a Berzerker Deathless artifact and a Roided Big Bangatron EXPLODER nade. My guns are the weakest part I think and that might ultimately be my problem. I just tried to assemble the best +splash dmg weapons that I have that also have a useful anointment but my options were a bit slim. Currently using a Double-Penetrating Devastator, Terminal Polyaimourous (no splash but using it for shielded enemies), Eviscerating Sublime Nebula (fire and corrosive) and a Double-Penetrating Gratyfying Laser-Sploder (doesn’t list splash but seems to work well for whatever reason).

I have just under 50k shields with this. I just hop into IB to get the Target Softening buff going periodically or if my shields get down around 20k. This keeps my shields up since I’m not using a Bloodletter to heal my shields. It sort of sucks that my Mod has bonus to vampyr and I’m not using that skill but I couldn’t figure out a way around that.

Anyone have any skill suggestions to make this pump out a bit more damage? I’m not very good at creating my own builds. I don’t mind gear suggestions but keep in mind I probably don’t have whatever cool item you may suggest. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your build looks fine overall. I would move 3 points Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades to BM tree, and get some points into Scorching RPMs, assuming you really don’t want Vampyr.

If you are running a Deathless build, I highly recommend a Bloodletter.

I would also drop the Frontloader shield for Transformer or Big Boom Blaster.

Yes, your guns are the weakest point here. But if those are the best you have, not much you can do without farming…


I was initially looking at Scorching RPMs but having to put 1 point into Scrappy just to get 1 or 2 into RPMs seemed maybe like a waste. I put more into Phalanx Doctrine instead. I guess I can try moving the points from +nade skill over there but would it be more efficient/effective to just move 1 point from that into Phalanx to max it out?

I do have other guns but not a lot of appropriate guns with +splash. I do have some others I been trying but the problem is I need +splash and high magazine size to get Mod bonus. Most of my +splash weapons are pistols with low mags or shotguns with low mags (Trevonator, Slow Hand etc…).

You can totally use a Trevonator with a blast master build, and never reload. You just need to move points from SoR tree, probably get Short Fuse (not required, unless planning on piloting Iron Bear and investing points into SSB), or going down to Iron Bank and getting extra magazine capacity. Relics and mods can also roll with +mag size, which is very useful to a blast master build.

Alternatively, only put 8 points in DW tree, and let Blast Master carry you with points in Vampyr and Pull The Holy Pin. Then you can focus on SoR, and go far enough down BM tree to get Some For The Road.

Honestly, it seems to me that you need to decide between a 1hp Bloodletter build, or a full/mostly full hp Blast Master build.

You’re trying to do both, and so your build is lacking focus.

This is not the type of build I prefer as I like Blastmaster and Short Fuse based builds instead.

But If I was going to run something like yours and wanted to find more damage I might change it to be more like this:

Note these changes also add a whole lot to survivability.

Since the Trevonator was brought up a couple times I’ll link my Bearonator build which is a build based on the Trevonator which is meant to work well both in and out of Iron Bear. It’s quite strong and imo very fun to play [Build] Bearonator M4 Hybrid/Themed Build


It is a great build…

So, instead of critiquing your build, answer me this: what do you like most about playing Moze? I’ll give you suggestions to get the most out of what you’re doing, rather trying to bandaid what I think is best in your build.

I generally consider putting points in “Why I can’t carry” a waste of skill points. Moxsy does it all the time but it’s bad practice. Moze regens grenades quite easily, she does not need that skill. Move them to vampyr.

Deathless w/o bloodletter is a risky combo. If you can find it, use an electric clusterfuck from Torgue. It should make a “safe” area of electric explosions around you; of course, you need to then switch to a Transformer.
I’d move to a bloodletter (with at least two points in desperate measures) which would also help you move some points from PD and TRL to places like scorching RPM.

But the real problem here is your guns; you want splash damage but you are using stuff like the Laser-sploder and the Poly which are not splash (and the latter is quite the bad gun damage wise)
Get a westerngun; strip shields with a kill-o-the-wisp, get a faisor for its shotgun or whatever Torgue weapon.

edit: spelling.

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Thanks for the suggestion. This is actually something I considered as well but was afraid I would run out of nades. I did a respec last night but haven’t tried it yet. I assume Tenacious D still works with a 1 HP build?

Wait. What’s a great build? Kablash’s Bearonator?

I think my favorite thing about playing Moze is the crazy shield builds and the infinite ammo. I love using Deathless to get crazy big shields. In the past I haven’t really focused on IB because it feels sorta clunky to use but I have been warming up to it a bit more as of late. However, I think I still like it more as a way to buff Moze outside of IB or just as an “oh ■■■■” button.

Going to try going out of the +nade skill tonight. I was worried without it I wouldn’t regen nades fast enough but that might also be related to not using all +splash weapons. I have since added only +splash weapons to remedy that even if the weapon doesn’t have an anointment (like the Trevonator).

I was worried about running Deathless without Bloodletter as well but it seems to be working really well actually. With Deathless + TRL + Vladof Ingenuity + Catalytic Front Loader shield my base shields are 50K and with Phalanx Doctrine it gets even higher. The caveat being I have to really pay attention when I take big damage.

Even though I don’t have the healing from Bloodletter I do have the GR perk to start recharging shields on kills and FCoW will completely fill me back up when I jump into IB. With my AS CD I’m able to use IB almost at will so I have yet to run into a situation where I couldn’t heal my shield that way. Also, I just respec’d so I will be adding Tenacious D as a fail-safe as well. It’s actually surprised me how well this has been working without Bloodletter (as far as survivability). I have only gone into FFYL a couple times and haven’t died.

As for the weapons…hopefully those will come eventually. I have never even seen a Westergun and I have 3 max level characters. Two of which are like halfway through TVHM on M4. I only just recently got my first 2 max level Bloodletter Mods. I got one when I first started playing that was like level 12 and then never got another one until this week I got 2 of them. I guess that’s the price I pay for not farming.

Uhm, I am not sure about this, you know? AFAIK, Tenacious defense does not work with 1hp builds unless the damage you receive matches EXACTLY the hp of your shield. It only works if you have more than 1hp.
What’s your build now? Also, if you are on PC just DM me and I will send out some lvl 50 stuff that I have retired with the new level cap. I have pretty good rolls, so I can help you out.

Well, that is weird. Are you doing all the sidequests? Because the WG is almost guaranteed while farming Private Beans (Athenas, pops out in the mission where you have to recover Ava’s diary). and it’s a fantastic weapon to have.

@kabflash suggested the skill for my 1hp build so I guess it works? I don’t know. I originally didn’t consider it because I thought it probably didn’t work but I guess I’ll find out soon enough lol.

I altered my build to what @kabflash suggested above:

I’m working my way through TVHM and doing all side missions as I go. I’m at GW for both Amara and Moze now so they are at the same place. I don’t recall ever seeing a Westergun tbh.

I was forgetting you run 1 hp no don’t take it with a 1 hp build. 5/5 Vladof Ingenuity instead.

You get it from Private Beans who is available to repeatedly kill in Athenas after doing Ava’s sidequest where you collect her things.

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Weird. I have done that multiple times but don’t recall that gun. Maybe I do have it in the bank but overlooked it.

No heal 1 HP builds are totally viable as long you bank enough shields, invest a couple of points in Phalanx, and/or roll a Big Boom Blaster. Play with them all the time myself…

The real trick to Moze is balancing her different weapon buffs because each experiences diminishing returns after about 120% over base damage.

i guess u really should get the cloning maddening tracker first
its the core of any build that involved with vampyr .

then get x2 westergun to replace kybs worth until u own a kybs worth .

that really the only thing u could do if youre trying to follow that build without the stuff

You could try a point allocation like this:
With the remaining three points, you should be able to put two more into matched set and some for the road. You might need to pinch a point from the red tree. This will get the most out of Blast Master with big shields. And you’ll get a big mag size of you equip all guns from the same manufacturer. This should give you decent damage from iron bear too, if you use either the explosive miniguns or corrosive sabot rounds.

As for equipment, look for any shield with fast regen and short delay, preferably with the 75% shield boost annointment.
You can farm the band of sitorak (my favourite) from an enemy called the unstoppable at tiggs big rig in ambermire on Eden six.
Any splash weapon with the 160 splash annointment will also boost your shields like crazy so keep an eye out for something like that. If you go and farm private beans on athenas (the area you go graverobbing with Ava) he drops both the trevonator and westergun, as well as front loader shields. He’s a one stop shop for your preferred build.
Good luck. You’ve got some great advice here already, so mine isn’t the be all and end all, but you might find something you like in my ideas. Good luck VH!

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Yes, the Bearonator is a great build. It’s like a much more refined and versatile version of my Mali-Cat 2.0 build. My original Mali-Cat build called for Westerguns in various flavors and an ASMD; second version used Trevonators. Kablash has a much better understanding of mechanics, especially compared to when I made my build about 3 weeks after the game came out ha


Well I’m trying that build you suggested (the modified version of what I had) but I just can’t keep my ammo up enough to not need reloading. I even took 3 points out of Vladof Ingenuity and put a point into matched set and 3 into Iron Bank which gives me bigger magazines at a noticeable survivability hit but I am just not able to generate enough splash damage to regen ammo or my mags aren’t big enough or something.

I did get a Westergun on my first Beans kill but it has no anointment of course. It works pretty well but I have the same reload issue with that. All the pistols, Trevonator, SMGs I have tried with mags 20-30 in size are not big enough to sustain firing without reloading. The only one that I can fire continuously is the Ogre but it has a massive magazine (almost 100) and twice as much splash damage so not surprising.

I think part of my problem is not having a nade with homing + mirv. I have one with mirv but no homing so I miss a lot. Other than that I’m not sure how to generate enough ammo to avoid reloading. Any suggestions?

Move the 5 points you put in SRPMs into Matched Set. The bonus fire rate is causing you to outpace your ammo regen.

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I didn’t even catch that. That makes sense. However, that sort of defeats the whole purpose of this modified version of what I had before which was to improve DPS by going into SRPMs. I guess I will need to figure something else out! Thanks for pointing that out.