Any suggestions on how to deal with epic store?

Hi all.
Purchases the borderlands super deluxe edition from epic store because I am a massive fan. Also as an unemployed cancer sufferer 100USD is a massive commitment and expense but I play games as a at of dealing with depression and my cancer situation.
At launch I was one of the people who had their progress deleted due to corrupt saves and 5he epic cloud service. I restarted and after 90hrs play and effort it has happened again. I lost a full inventory and safe full of legendaries and so much time to grinding.
I have no confidence this won’t happen again so I approached epic asking for a refund as their system appears broken. All I want is the money back so I cn purchase the same on ps4.
Epic have comeback and rejected my request because
–You exceeded the two-hour in-game time limit
–You requested a refund after the 14-day refund time limit.
I have asked this to be escalated to a supervisor as it is so unfair I have to wear the issue of their lost saves and all the lost time and effort. There is no guarantee this won’t happen again.
I have also started a PayPal despite in hope I may be covered under buyers protection.

Has anyone else had any luck in receiving a refund outside their refund policy terms?
Any suggestions on what I can do? I am in Australia.

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They’ve refused my eefund, as well, so I’ve heard people going so dar as requesting it through their banks or pay services like paypal. If all else fails, we could always see about a class action suit .

Never had any issues with the epic cloud system. Just make sure you read the warning prompt next time: loading your local save or cloud save if the situation comes up.

just because you didn’t have an issue doesn’t mean you should hope onto a forum and seek out every post trying to downplay all the people that DO. More so, when said person bought the game as a way of trying to deal with ■■■■■■■ CANCER, maybe you should just… not do that.

As for me, I’ve just done the paypal thing as well. I’ve even got photos in game showing less than two hours played, and the date of the transaction showing less than 14 days owned. In one thread, people mentioned even sending letters to their State’s Attorney General. No clue if that will work, but regardless, there are multiple options to try and if need be, take it up on social media and with the game reviewers. The more bad press Gearbox and the epic store get over this, the more inclined they might be to get a change in the policy. Worst case scenario, start a joke gofundme specifically stating your situation and how Gearbox AND Epicstore refused a cancer patient their rightful refund. Once the Media picks up on THAT…

Also, check with your local news stations. Often they have a reporter that focuses on consumer rights and helping people with problems in general (getting scammed, crappy landlords, the city ignores your requests for trash pick-up, etc.) and does a segment on TV.

Plead your case to them and if they think it’s interesting enough for TV they’ll help you put pressure on Epic Games.

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You could also go over their heads and go to GBX or 2k.

I suffered from the bank loss twice and I just wanted to send a support ticket in. The 2k support was nice enough, maybe they would help you with a refund.

Many thanks for all who helped with suggestions. I thought a quick update will help. After many, many emails back and forth and thinking I was not going to see refund, I received an email out of the blue from epic saying they will process a refund.
Its very strange as support was adamant I was not getting one and I had really just given up the fight.
Anyway, repurchased the game for ps4 and having a blast and not one crash or lose of data.
Many thanks once again.