Any Support Amara builds out there?

I’ve seen several builds for melee and gun usage. Has anyone tried to make support builds? Is it even possible or should I switch characters to Zane (since he seems to be slightly more support oriented)?

Amara doesn’t really have many support skills, you can do fl4k support.


Only Soul Sap and Laid bare are her big “Team” skills. Some people might not like vigor, but I hear it stacks and one point might be worth it, but talk with you team. Ties that bind would be good with Soul Sap since the healing with be huge.

Derch is right, there isn’t very much in terms of support, but don’t let that stop you if you enjoy the character. Every VH has a few co-op skills.

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Ties that bind with soul sap is pretty incredible group healing

Everything that they said I’m not sure if healing grenades will heal your teammates but try grabbing one of those and her crowd control is some of the best support you can get dredd is also a good skill if your team member kill someone that you locked up then their gun will instantly reload