Any teamspeaks up and running?

Does anyone have a dedicated teamspeak for Homeworld, or at least have Homeworld population that hangs out there?

I do know that a large amount of us over at Relicnews have a mumble server we use quite frequently. We do have some changes behind the scenes going on for the site so the address maybe changing.

Is there anyway I could get the present address?

I run a dedicated virtual server out in cloud land that has lots of ram, processor and storage and unlimited bandwidth. I could perhaps throw up a TS3 server on it with multiple channels (for games), and subchannels (for teams on those games) to allow folks to use it to add voice comms to their games. I’d also add a lobby or two for general chat. I might even be persuaded to add a channel or two for individual clans perhaps?

Would anybody be interested in this?

I think having one open for the forum/Reddit people to use would be pretty nifty

I’ll look into it tomorrow night :slight_smile:

Hey Guys. Massive homeworld fan. i have more than enough resources for a massive 250 slot teamspeak where i can get the ip dns to be something relevant like or somethin and get a few websites up on a fast ssd host. if anyone is interested that is. I think for me at the mo i am just gonna use steam and see how massive this game blows up.