Any Tediore guns that act semi like partners/pets?

So I’ve been playing the game a lot this week and finished 2 playthroughs with Amara/Moze. Going to be honest that I HATE Tediore guns and for the most part have junked 99% of them without even using them because I just don’t like the whole shoot/reload/throw schtick.

With that said I keep getting the Boomerang Legendary Gun and tried it out recently. It is horrible but then directly after that I got a Ten Gallon and that gun seemed a bit okay. For those that do not know: It shoots a little flying gun pet that follows you around. It is sort of like an Atlas Drone or something. I can throw it from far away and I’ve seen it fly up to enemies behind cover or on turrets and take them out. It is kind of fun and nifty BUT I think the one I had only had 15 bullets so having to load/reload all the time was very annoying.

Are there any Tediore guns that are useful in that sort of way? Either where I can throw them and they can maybe act as an Axton turret or maybe some other niche uses that you guys have found?

It would be cool if there was a special legendary that was like that, with shields and or barriers / rocket turrets. They should add something like that in the DLC. I had a purple corrosive tediore smg once with a 35 mag that flew around shooting at stuff when you reloaded. I’d just fire 1 shot/burst and reload. It was super useful against Katagawaball.

There is a Tediore gun that will float next to you and shoot until it runs out of ammo. Every time you reload the gun it blows up on an enemy and the ammo goes to the little turret. Damage is low though.

There’s lots of tediore shotguns/smgs that have the turret ability. I think the Boo + is guaranteed to always be a turret. It’s pretty useful for stripping shields and taking attention off of you in a gunfight

I like the ten gallon, its a pretty decent smg tbh. I got mine in corrode

Find the legendary shotgun called the Horizon. When reloaded it bounces in a sphere but if you shoot it it will act as a black hole pulling barrels and enemies to it then explodes. Really fun to use. Will change your outlook on tediore.

Love my Bangarang w/shock. A group of enemies all with shields up are almost put instantly to red bars.

Fire sale musket ++ flamethrower. On reload throws a pet gun that acts as a secondary flame thrower for a few seconds. Gun has a nice little commentary too.