Any theories on how the Maliwan Gun will work? What LEVEL it will be?

Made a small video with my ideas:


Cant wait to find out how it works, personally hoping it scales!

You guys have any ideas?

I’m sure I read you get it level 10 and it scales with your character level


Never heard that it scales with level and that would be a huge selling point they’d want to advertise since equipment tends to never scale in the games. There is a reason equipment grinding is a big thing in the Borderlands.

Also, the guns you get for BL3 from the VIP program are level 10. That is stated on the rewards page. So, it would indeed be logical to assume this gun will be level 10 as well.

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I just hope it is something that has some actual damage to it. Most of the videos I have watched so far, most of the weapons shown take down enemies fairly slowly. Which really isn’t a bad thing, I want to work for better gear instead of just having it handed to me. I guess so far I feel underwhelmed by the amount of damage being dealt by the weapons shown. But at the same time it would be nice to have a weapon here or there that just obliterates enemies if you need that kind of overpower.

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Depends, I really hope it scales, and it could scale and still have limited use. I’m sure they would build in some down side, remember the Bane…

I really hope it scales like that one grenade in Borderlands 2. Will be kind of annoyed if it’s locked at level 10 after how much effort I put into the VIP system to get enough points to unlock it.

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It doesn’t say that it is a VIP exclusive. I’m betting that it’ll also be a random drop legendary so that players can obtain it at higher levels. Devs have stated that scaling equipment defeats the purpose of having so many guns. The thing they’ve prided themselves on more than anything else in the series is the “bajillions of guns” you can get. Why make it so you only ever use/need one?

I’ve spent about 3 hours getting enough VIP points to get it. I could have farmed one from a boss in less than an hour in-game most likely, assuming that the drop rates are similar to Borderlands 2. That is why I’m hoping that it scales, to reward the extra effort it takes to get it this way compared to getting it in-game. I’m not asking for all Legendary gear in the whole game to scale or something.

An hour for a legendary in BL2?! Geez, I want your luck. You have some serious blessings from the RNG Deities. Ultimately, we can’t say 100% either way what the gun will be like.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the “exclusive to those who spent hours/days watching commercials for the game and only if you do it and know about it before the game is released” mentality. It’s basically the epitome of “everything wrong with capitalism”.

The bane didn’t have a downside, as long as you were already deaf… :slight_smile:

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When I got the Maliwan weapon in my mail, it says in the description before I added it to my inventory, that it was level 12. I’ll see if I can find a picture.