Any Tips For Ambra?

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Any tips for Ambra? She was a beast in the beta but now she’s…not so much. I’ve been trying different builds I feel like i’m not using her to her full potential. As far as know she is now more of a zoning character but i’m not completely grasping the concept. Or she can be used in another way. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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She was a 1 woman wrecking machine during the beta.

She shouldn’t go into fights alone, but more to support behind someone.

Place a Sunspot where your melee teammate is fighting someone.

If the enemy is by themselves, use Solar Wind on them to help your melee teammate.
However, if someone comes to help the enemy, use Solar Wind on them to allow your teammate to continue to fight.

You can also use Sunspot if a melee character is diving your ranged teammate in the backlines.

I think Ambra is good right in the middle of your teammates.
Use Extinction Event when your team goes in for a team fight. It’ll either scatter some of the enemies, or they won’t notice it and soak up all the damage to allow your team to win the fight.

She’s hit a good spot in terms of nerfs to be able to be played based on skill.

Because of Flame Shield, you can also use yourself to help block the enemy from engaging someone on your team trying to escape.


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See that’s how i use her! she’s really good at support, it was a recent match where my team got steamrolled that i started to think of alternative ways to use her. i



I use her for support as well. If you manage to get her augment for solar wind that throws enemies away it can make amazing use if you are helping a gunner get a melee attacker off.


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I actually think she’s one of the stronger characters I play despite the nerf, I feel I can say that she’s not just support as cough a Master of Ambra cough.

No but seriously if you know how to utilise sunspots right (especially when near death with the consume sunspot for health mutagen) and unlock her better mutagens you can dominate most characters besides perhaps Galilea and Rath in one on one.
Her secondary melee attack is not something to be ignored, the extra damage from her heat bar will easily half (if not more) an unshielded characters health and with the mutagen that turns this into a ranged weapon you can use this to pick off enemies from afar, which makes her excellent support as well.
Her staff slam mutagen is somewhat useful if you are being overwhelmed, it usually wipes shields and throws off characters (or AI) who are getting too close, although in order to activate that mutagen you have to ignore one of her stronger abilities (up to 100% solar wind extra damage based on proximity to characters) so it’s a difficult choice, it depends on how badly you wanna be pushing forward or whether you are okay with being a support on PvP (I prefer the first option).
And if worst comes to worst there is always her 20% health over shield, it’s saved me countless times.
I can’t say I played her in the beta unfortunately, although if she was even stronger I wish I had, I will say that my PvP K/D ratio has been excellent with her, and my assists tend to be higher due to her support abilities.
I’d say she’s weakest when it comes to facing characters with stun abilities, because it often means you have little time to health steal or place sunspots for quick health, and getting away from these characters can be impossible. Her ultimate (Y) ability tends to be quite useless on PvP unless you can find a way to pin enemies in the AoE due to the delay on the actual strike.
I’ve not really experienced the issues with her that other people have, as I see it she is certainly capable of pulling her weight on PvP and excels in PvE.

I’m probably not the best at giving direct tips about how to use her; she’s not what I’d call a simple character, but I would suggest that you give her a chance at more than just support, in modes like Meltdown you can really dominate one of the lanes as Ambra if you use her aggressively (in my experience).


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I’ve been playing a ton of Ambra in pvp with pretty good success. What works for me at least is sort of a two step proces. First, get a sunspot or preferably two down, th en u want to basically kite the enemies while draining health. Preferably run around the sunspot so ur healing with the staff drain on and just jumping or running in circles while they chase. Then, once I get a decent chunk of life off, I basically do the exact oppostie, run straight in and solar wind to melt their face. They are usually so excited to finally catch up to you they don’t realize how devastating solar wind is especially with the helix perk that gives it damage the closer you are. As soon as that’s up start hitting with your secondary melee to finish them if they are still standibg. The draining and solar wind should have given u a ton of heat, so your secondary melee hits hard at this point. So yeah, kite, then melt :slight_smile: good luck, hope that helps!!


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get Solar wind to have the push back effect, helps get people off you, off team mates and if you can corner someone and have help they will be gone in a blink, if you are being overwhelm remember your melee attack with B or O will push the enemy back a bit. drop sunspots as often as you can, now for how you want to build your sunspots is all up to you but i prefer having them have longer health and do more damage as enemies running from you can easily be disposed with a sunspot in front of them. Good luck and hope this was of some help.

oh and lastly never go alone, specially against a melee character.

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thank you it really does


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1.drop extinction event behind a group of enemies.
2.bounce them back into it with ritual of repulsion.

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I always take the continuous pushback on Solar Wind. It paid of yesterday. I was getting stomped on Echelon by the other team and encountered Montana and Miko. Montana opened with Lumberjack Dash. I stepped to one side and he sailed past. I activated Solar Wind to separate him from his team. He wasn’t happy about it and started to bunny-hop, not thinking about the result. He sailed over the railing into the abyss. I burst out laughing and he saw the funny side too. That’s not likely to happen often, but removing a tank from the field without breaking his shield is priceless. :slight_smile:

Ritual of Repulsion is pretty powerful but I prefer the other pushback since I have more control over it and I find it replenishes my heat bar more reliably. Since the staff drain tickles people I don’t want to use it when slugging it out with another player unless I already have the upper hand.


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I’ve got a “tip” for her… -drum riff, followed by me getting banned-


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If you get to Helix 7 go for the middle option…OMG Flame Thrower!

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So, basic Ambra tips

1-use sunspot preemptively (has big CD and nice aoe)
2-always combine aggresive and defensive gameplay (ALWAYS)
3-untill lvl 7 try to be in their face and alt hit crit them, then run :slight_smile:
4-Ambras legendary and lvl7 mutation combo is a MUST!

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One of my favorite things about Ambra is she can guide other players where to go. Strategic sunspot positioning is key.

Example, on say Paradise in Meltdown, I have a no cost shard gen I use, so I rush to one of the middle turrets and put a sunspot next to it and then build that turret. Then, depending on if the other team is pushing the lane or not, I’ll put another sunspot either near their grinder or towards our grinder.

If my team isn’t pushing when we need to, or we are being overwhelmed, a sun spot in the right position will help guide your team (obviously a mic is the best way to do this, but most people don’t use them). I feel map awareness and understanding the ebb and flow of the match is key to mastering Ambra, more so than most other characters. As mentioned by @mr.Zombi, preemptive sunspot positioning is huge for getting the most out of her.

Obviously, put sunspots behind something if possible, so enemies don’t take them out quickly. And don’t throw up a sunspot in the middle of a minion wave, or it’ll be gone in less than a second and it’ll usually be a waste.

Put your Ult behind enemies and try to back them into it, or just use it as a way to clear out enemies from an area you want to take control over. It may not kill them but it’ll make them retreat or change positioning.

And always melee strike if in range, don’t use your life steal staff on players right up in your face.

Get both Ritual mutations and the Radiant Halbeard mutation, and you’ll be a very versatile player.

So ya, Ambras my fav, can you tell? :slight_smile:

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…Thanks for the smile. (Gather around Children)


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I go in draining life, then place a sunspot and basically rotate around it, jumping and continue draining life. When my heat is about half, I melee them to death. Even after the nerf I managed to get Worthy of Song - something I thought I’d never get. She’s easily a favorite. With a piece of cool down gear my sunspots help me stay alive and provide decent damage.


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Man this post is 4 months old lol


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I know. That was before I learned to look at timestamps. Not used to topics going dead for such a long time. I’d delete it and push the post back down if I could lol


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it’s ok lol i still appreciate all the feedback :slight_smile: nowadays i consider myself a pretty efficient Ambra and it’s in part thanks to you guys :grin:

edit: its also very nice to see other people’s playstyle with her

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