Any tips for farming Katagawa JR?

Iv looked at couple videos but man on Mayhem 10.0 this fight takes me forever, even with a really good Yellow cake… I am obviously missing something here, any suggestions guys?

What class are you playing? I can one shot him almost every time with Amara using TTB and a Yellowcake. If my shot’s a little off, I just reload.

If you have a strong enough yellowcake you can one shot him right when you drop into the arena. I was lucky enough to get a 300/90 annoint on my yc and it instakills him as soon as I drop down.

Also, if you don’t kill him immediately, don’t shoot him until he spawns more copies. For reason he takes way less damage when he’s running around solo, I dunno if it’s a bug or just my game.

I have all characters to 57 but currently using Amara with SD. I have a M10 Yellow cake with 50/150 so I was just using Front Loader to keep the annoint active, I’d love to get a 300/90.

I feel like im missing something, when I start the fight he usually just splits immediately then I have to kill all the clones and then this just repeats, seems like lot of wasted time.

I’d say im not huge fan of SD either, don’t like having to move fast and shoot.

is it worth it using say loaded dice over Elemental booster to try and get Sandhawk?

Go somewhere where you can test fire the YC and check out the range before the split happens. You have a very short window to hit K.Jr. as you drop into the arena; you want the projectile split to occur close enough that all the splits hit him at once.

Okay I can try this, Doesnt he usually split when you fall down? is there a trick to doing this?

Not instantly, no. Make sure you have your view looking straight ahead rather than down as you drop so you don’t have to look up as soon as you hit the floor.

Okay thank you, I will definitely give this a try until I get it. So basically I should be able to fall down and one shot him with Yellowcake 50/150?

That’s what’s being reported, yes. I’m still working on it myself - the window of opportunity is very short. But you should be able to take out a large enough chunk of health that the fight is over fairly quickly after that,

with Amara 100% one shot with full blue and red tree and a Phasezerker with The Opq system 300%90 , Use phasecast twice to get the bonus of transcend ( critical hit damage ) twice ( first phasecast when falling and 2nd phasecast on katagawa then full auto with the opq ) , the modifier with bigger heads helps too and ofc a bonus damage shield like the killswitch or the rerouter

Yea, you may want to shoot twice just to make sure you get him, even if you don’t hit him properly with the first shot it should do significant damage. Just try it out a few times, takes some practice to get it down

I was using loaded dice yesterday and in about 2 hours of farming I got around 20 sandhawks lol. Still didn’t get the annoint I wanted

I’m on pc, hit me up if you want me to send you a couple because I’ve got these things overflowing my bank now lol

Here’s what I do with Amara using TTB and Phasezerker and I can one shot him 90% of the time:

  1. Build your rush stacks up to 99 using fake grasp
  2. Drop down to kill him
  3. As you’re dropping down, hit the button repeatedly to grasp. This will grab his clones and they’ll all be connected with TTB
  4. As soon as you land, shoot your Yellowcake at Katagawa Jr.

This will one shot him every time as long as your shot is lined up.

Thanks for all the tips, I will give it a shot. Hopefully easier to get then Kaoson, Iv done like 5 hours of farming and I one shot Traunt, but no Kaoson yet. I appreciate the offer to send but I’d prefer to farm one myself, just for the challenge but thanks.


Ah Sixpackstl thats a good idea, thanks, Never thought about trying this.

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I learned it from others here when I was having a hard time killing him. After a little practice it will be easy for you. Good luck!

Haha for sure dude, I’m the same way. I get a sick sense of enjoyment from farming lol.

Once you get down the yc shot though it makes that farm so much easier, the longest part of the fight is waiting for him to die.
Stupid zero tech!

Okay so Yea I finally got it figured out, did phasezerker with Yellowcake, Face forward and slight angle left and just spawn rocket launcher right as you land, will fire 2 shots, will one shot him every time.


Yep, for me as well when he jumps around he is invulnerable basically. I can take out about 1/5 of his health per Kaoson burst when his shield is up but literally do nothing when has has no shield.

Fight is annoying without a one shot Amara. Thing that makes this fight stupid is that he almost immediately teleports on shield break so if you don’t have a ton of damage already inbound you will do nothing to the health and as best I can tell my stickies and/or DOT effects don’t teleport with him

Yea, it’s very strange. Whenever I don’t one shot him it causes a big sigh of annoyance haha