Any tips for identifying gun parts?

I know there is a fantastic picture reference, and I refer to it pretty frequently. I was wondering though, if you guys have specific cues you use to identify parts. I’m having trouble memorizing them.

For example, the way I ID Maliwan sniper grip is the only one that doesn’t have have a frame around the trigger.

All bandit parts look like they’re taped together.

Jakobs and Torgue shotgun grips are slanted downward to the right, with Torgue having the little circles.

Do you guys use anything like this to ID gun parts, or are you guys just totally used to it?


[quote=“kuhchung, post:1, topic:1310951”]Do you guys use anything like this to ID gun parts, or are you guys just totally used to it?[/quote]Both… Tediore grips have that squared guard in front of the grip, Maliwan SMG grips are that weird curved thing, for example.

i think its easy to get use to identifying the gun parts it just comes with time and worse comes to worse you can always use a guide when farming until your comfortable with recalling them

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^ This right here.

Assault Rifles:
Rocket Launchers:
Sniper Rifles:


  • Bandit:
  • Dahl:
  • Hyperion: taper towards the muzzle
  • Jakobs: long- (AR/pistol/SR) or double-barreled (shotgun)
  • Maliwan:
  • Tediore:
  • Torgue: Muzzle is wider/rounder than the rest of the weapon (AR/RL/shotgun), with fins on the bottom (AR), top/bottom (pistol), or sides (shotgun)
  • Vladof: Always paired/non-rotary (all normal Vladof-manufactured weapon types) or triplet/rotary (uniquely-made Vladof assault rifles).
  • E-Tech: If the rarity color isn’t a dead giveaway, E-Tech barrels have petals.
  • GRIPS:
  • Bandit: All (except shotguns) have bandages on them.
  • Dahl:
  • Hyperion: Sweptback enclosed grips (pistol/shotgun/SMG).
  • Jakobs:
  • Maliwan:
  • Tediore:
  • Torgue:
  • Vladof: Bare-basic sweptback open grip without any ergonomics.
  • Sights/Scopes:
  • Bandit:
  • Dahl:
  • Hyperion:
  • Jakobs:
  • Maliwan: Holographic dot sight (pistol/SMG) or Tron-esque scope (SR). Has neon lighting around the eyepiece (RL).
  • Tediore:
  • Torgue:
  • Vladof:
  • Stocks:
  • Bandit: Has a telescoping frame (AR/SR).
  • Dahl: Has a generally triangular shape (AR/SMG/SR).
  • Hyperion: Curves upwards towards a thicker buttpiece (shotgun/SMG/SR).
  • Jakobs:
  • Maliwan:
  • Tediore:
  • Torgue:
  • Vladof: Has a wire frame (AR/SR).

(Gonna further fill this out later…)

I played like 16 hours this weekend and had these open the whole time. I think I’m getting the hang of it :smiley:

Not always. They also make the spinning barrels the Ogre and Torgue Spitters use.

@Gulfwulf My bad, I forgot those while looking at the basic Vladof barrels.

If anyone can generalize the manufacturer-specific parts across all weapon types, that’d be much appreciated.

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If a pistol has a Zoom listed on the card, then the sight is NOT one of the following: None, Maliwan, Jakobs, Dahl or Torgue (since those sights never have a Zoom for pistols). Torgue doesn’t manufacture SMGs, so an SMG cannot have any Torgue parts. At this point, I can recognize many parts by sight but not all. I still rely on the Gun Parts link in my ‘signature’, from time to time.

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Sadly I don’t think it’s so easy to generalize because RLs and shotgun parts are so different.

When it comes to pistols/AR/SMG/Snipers, this is the rough generalization I came up with for grips

Maliwan: no trigger guards
Tediore: Box/Rectangular
Hyperion: Parallelogram
Vladof: One notch at the top, coming down
Dahl: Notch(es) in the middle
Torgue: 3 bolts in the grip
Bandit: scotch tape

I’m far too busy checking element/accessory/grip to care much about the stock and the sights.