Any tips for soloing the Heliophage on advanced?

I’ve heard that the heliophage is easier to so on advanced than it is to do in a group, so I decided to try to solo it with Oscar Mike in order to earn Deande. Ohhhh man. I got DESTROYED. Now maybe I’m just a bad, but I was completely pub-stomped. It’s possible I just had a bad run as well, I’ve noticed that the difficulty of a mission tends to fluctuate randomly every time you play it. Does anyone have any advice on how to pull this off, or what characters are the best suited to this task?

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Go to the right first. Seems to be easier at a lower level than the left.

For the ending fight(s), hug the large walls or the cave on the outer platforms. Avoid the center or else you will get knocked off the map and die.

Good luck

That may have been my mistake, I went left and couldn’t make it past the wall of shield brutes in a timely fashion.

My first play through on normal solo had me left with 3 seconds on the clock because I went left. Also, skip the center bridge of enemies. Run by them as fast as possible

Is that on the way to the defend points, or on the way to rendain during the final countdown?

The bridge between the left and right side. You can run past it, or technically you could jump pad back to the middle and jump pad over to the left.

Can you also skip the minions on the way to the first defense point? Or would this just add them to the eventual horde and make clearing the waves that much more difficult?

I did it with a friend. Best to have a damage dealer like ISIC and have a support like Reyna. I imagine those two go together like bread and something else that goes with bread

You only have to defeat enemies closest to the door you’re trying to get through. So screw the people at the tree

Awesome, thank you for all your advice!

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One last tidbit, deande is by far my favorite and a blast! Best if luck getting her

It also helps to take a stealth character to take a break from damage and get shields back by resetting aggro. I’d recommend Oscar mike simply cause he does good aoe damage and single target damage if you get orbital strike you’ll pretty much kill rendain as soon as he respawns

I have done Helio with Boldur several times now, normal, normal hardcore and advanced.

I find the hardest part now is actually getting to Rendain in time, Boldur lives up to his name and takes a while to get up to speed, but once there he is a nigh invincible wrecking ball.

I came up with the following approach which works quite well.

Start by heading left, kill everything you come across and do the crystal as normal! If you skip enemies to start with then you will not level up quick enough. You want to be collecting crystals where you can, by time first crystal is down, have 2 items activated.

After the first crystal, run back to the bridge, ignore everything on the bridge and at the far side, keep running through them until you reach the locked doors, you now have to kill the large enemies to open these doors, I forget the exact setup, tbh I just kill everything in this section, but the important ones are the largest enemies, some to the left and some to right. Once these are down the doors should be open, ignore everything, run in and start the crystal process, then kill everything as quick as you can. Once you activate your last item you can spend on turret/traps. You want to ideally finish with 40-60 seconds, to give enough time to get back to the hub, u might get lucky with speed boost pickups, you might not be. I find I am usually at level 8 by this point.

Then it’s on to the boss fight, people given plenty of advice on this already, I would just add, the focus here is avoiding damage and maintaining a position where you can’t get knocked off an edge, then it’s just patiently chipping away at health bars. If you start to get overwhelmed, take a lap. Expect 20-30 mins for the fight, if not longer.

I did it with Kleese. Died 3-4 times early on but got through the opening section with maybe a minute left. Once you get through that part, head for the tunnel on the side and take out enemies from there. Make sure to thin out enemies on other islands some in case you have to leave the tunnel for a bit.

my best tip is DONT

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I have to agree with the person above me , if you have a friend I would highly recommend doing it with at least one other person and have a Reyna with you if possible Her overshields and damage amp work wonders on that stage.

I did this last night with Galeia(sp?) and had five mins left going to the pad. I went left first then took jump back to beginning then jumped right. When I got to Rendain I had something like 12-14 lives. What got me was the bosses, spawning two of them at a time was crazy, but I just worked them down and finally beat it. I had like 7 lives left after firing 8( I kept getting more lives). Got a silver medal and Deande. Took me like 64mins to do the whole mission.

When it’s timed don’t go through the middle where the big crystal is. It’s a waste of time, and you don’t need the extra shards. Just go west or south first, and then return to the starting point and then choose the other side. But from your post that’s not your issue.

For Rendain don’t fight him in the middle. I personally fight most bosses on that island where Nix spawns. The one that’s to the left of where that big boss spawns that has the things you need to kill that are stationary to hurt her. Its the island that’s grass on the right, and some ramp hidey area on the left.

To fight that final boss, the one before Rendain, you can either range it all from that same island, or go to the same island, making sure to kill adds before hitting the boss.

After that is dead fight Rendain on that same island, but do so on top of that building thing. Let him come to you. After about 10% health he’ll drop two anchors on the island. I normally run to one spot and burst it down before it spawns anything and then go kill the other side. Then bring the fight back to the very top.

With this position it should be far enough away for all the other adds to not even care that you’re there, and you should be able to fight Rendain without any interruption from others.

my best tip is DONT

Why? It isn’t that difficult. If I can do it, I am certain most anyone on this forum can manage. Made it through with silver on the first try, even (before they changed scoring).