Any tips for "Team Mated" and "Exterminator" titles

To me these seem like the most difficult titles and I’m kind of stuck in advancing them!

For Team Mated, I used Attikus and pounced to the furthest pad. This worked on all three Capture Maps, but it failed more than it succeeded. Usually another agile, durable character (Boldur and Ambra are good) came with me to the far pad while the rest of the team split for the other two. Pendles can be good because he’s quick and can stand on a pad while cloaked. Not very good at holding it though.

Main thing is just to stubbornly stand on those pads. Many valiant deaths.

Haven’t got Exterminator!

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I guess a suicide run for all the pads is the only way to get it. And just hope that the enemy team doesn’t 5 man rush the first point… Sigh…

And Exterminator is super stressful. You’ll be standing there, behind a corner, hoping that no one sees you and when you finally try to get the final shot… A thrall deals 8 Damage to the sentry in <1 second. Who the heck even capped the thralls!

Send 2-3 high mobility to the furthest point and durable types to the other two.

Being in a group where you can coordinate is very important for team mated.

Exterminator is tough but Toby is a good choice, otherwise darting in with a big damage aoe to finish it off is always an option.

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Best way to get team mated? Run in a 5 man squad and hope you get matched with newbies. Otherwise, don’t bother. It’s nearly impossible, old man cranky is literally impossible otherwise.


Does anyone know if you can beat the Huntsman in the prologue without taking damage and that will count? Ik it helps for Nope Nope Nope or whatever it’s exactly called

It’s an Incursion challenge so I don’t think PvE enemies count. NOPE NOPE NOPE is just an enemy challenge so any Spider Sentry will count for it.

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If you do get hit by the sentry, teleporting back to spawn will “reset” your damage taken, so you can get another chance without dying.

As for actually getting the title, you can always try to rush in when it has low health and hope you get the last hit. Oscar Mike with fragcendiary and ulti can usually deal a lot of damage to it.
But then again, I will most likely never get it. Silly Sentry’s turret blast seems to always aim for me for some reason. Especially on Monuments. I feel like the darn Sentries have a vendetta against me!

If only the sentry didn’t always go down faster than I can come back… >: (

And when it doesn’t… That’s when someone on the enemy team notices you waiting for that last hit. Otherwise they’re usually completely oblivious!

I once got it with Phoebe. I just danced around it while I took it from 35 to 0. How did I do it? Luck. Just luck only luck all luck did I mention luck? Oh I did? Luck

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Does the damage taken have to be from the sentry? Or is it just any damage taken while attacking the sentry?

Is porting the only way to reset? Or does healing back to full reset the requirement?

It’s hard either way :frowning:

Yeah, there’s no specifications, just “Without taking any damage” so I assume It’s any damage? But but I’m not sure how exactly it’s counted.
By me having full health/shield? So If I have a shielder/healer, It doesn’t matter if I take damage as long as I’m full when I destroy the sentry?
And from what duration is the damage counted? When the sentrys shield is down? So, if I take damage but wait for it to start regenerating, then break the shield and destroy the sentry, does it count?
If I take a little damage to my shield and wait for it to regen, does it count or not?

I have not confirmed this, it is only based on personal experience.

Damage taken should only be from sentry, else it sounds realistically impossible.
Porting seems to be the only way. I constantly get my health back up to full, yet every time I got the challenge to pop, it was when I had teleported back to spawn and I finished the sentry shortly after I got back.

It is still hard. Especially with the darn Tower-Blast. Why can it not be like the back-sentry? :frowning:

I always assumed it was just sentry damage that counted but I’m 99% sure I finished a sentry last night without it touching me (jumped behind it to do the last 4 damage with shadowfire pillar after hiding behind monuments wall).

I got hit by the back thumper while I was destroying it and a Montana that came up to hassle me.

So it begs the question, what damage counts? All sources of damage? And if so is there a vicinity near the sentry in which the damage needs to take place? If not does it mean you cannot take any damage on that spawn from any source? That’d be absurd…

I’m at 14/25 for Exterminator and with the buffed minions it’s hard enough to even get the finisher on the sentry, much less without taking a hit. I think it needs some sort of adjustment to fit the current state of the game.


Like, at least state what damage, when, where…

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@Jythri @JoeKGBX

Could we please get some sort of clarification on the requirements for the Exterminator title?

See above for the discussion points.

Essentially there seems to be little consensus on what damage counts toward the challenge unlock.

I’d also like to ask whether there was any scope to balance the title itself for the new changes to incursion.

With minion strength the way it currently is, actually scoring the sentry kill is nigh on impossible if you have minions on the sentry (which obviously you should).

I’ve had scenarios where, for example, I’ve cursed the sentry as Thorn, had a blight beneath it, bleeding volley and ulted the sentry yet the minions still get the kill credit. If there was a mechanism whereby the top damage dealing player gets the credit for the sentry kill, or at least the last hit besides the minions, it would GREATLY reduce the frustration with this challenge.

The other source of frustration is not knowing specifically what damage counts against you (just sentry damage? turrets? enemy players?), and whether it’s affected by location.


I have gotten over 60 sentry kills without taking damage. Recently when I got those sentry kills, I noticed that I always had full shield and full HP when doing so, so I’d like to think that you would have to have full HP/shield in order for it to count. I just got a sentry kill without taking any damage, but I did not have full HP so it didn’t count (thus supporting my previous statement).

I have gotten probably the majority with melee characters since they tend to have a higher DPS, but I have been getting some with ranged characters recently (really depends on character and situation).

Some key points:

A. Make sure you always take out the turrets first.

B. You will probably need to kill a few enemy Battleborn (before attacking the sentry) and then heal up (hopefully you have a decent healer for a teammate) before you make your attempt on the sentry (so that it could be properly distracted). I try not to kill the minions at this time so that they have to be taken care of (giving me more of an opportunity to destroy the sentry).

C. Try to burst the sentry right when it is about to go down (make sure to aim for the critical spot if you can), and try to do so when the enemy (including the sentry) is distracted. Sneak around if you have to.

I hope this helps.

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It’s not that difficult, but first thing you need is a ranged character. Second thing, don’t be the one that sentry focuses on. 3rd - don’t waste your ammo if the sentry still has like 15% left, but if you see it’s ~8hp or 5hp, unload everything you can and the sentry kill will be yours most of the time. I find that it’s pretty easy to do with Benedict (because he has one of the best “damage/ammo” ratio), especially on Monuments or the second sentry on Incursion.

And yes, I have the Exterminator title.

Seems like the full health and shields thing is the trick.

There’s been times I’ve done it without taking additional damage in the process of attacking the sentry, but not been at max health at the time.

I grabbed one yesterday with Phoebe. Used a regen serum to keep health full, waited til sub 10 health and phasegated onto its blindside to secure the kill. Got me up to 15/25.

The sustained DPS seemed to help secure the sentry kill (rather than yet another minion sentry kill) for a change, which was nice.

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In my experience, you must be at full health and shields when you down a Sentry; you can’t take any damage.

There is at least 1 semi-reliable spot to snipe at each Sentry on every map w/o much risk, with Monuments being the most reliable of them.

Marquis and Thorn are the most consistent of the 4 snipers (and the two I got the title with), with WTF being a meh choice, and Toby being the worst (mostly because Force Field draws so much aggro).