Any tips for The Last lore challenge?


I’m trying to get all her lore and so far I cant quite get this lore done. I’m running a blue health regen/+more after 3 minutes, a purple skill damage, and a pain 2 gain re-kintter, because from what I can tell I need as much tankiness as I need.

any tips on which gear needs to be changed or any skills that are more important to be taken over others?

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I personally run a health+health, regen+regen, and skill damage+health. Helix-wise for me it’s left, right, right, middle, right, left, right, right, left, right.

Gather as many shards and build as many turrets as you can throughout the level. Try to aim for headshots as much as possible, and you should curse nearly every arrow you fire. Level 5 right helix is very useful for this.


thanks! i’m gonna try

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and then maybe this helix, we’ll see

thanks for the input!

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On Thorn, I run 3 gear pieces that give me Health Regen. That blue one being one you posted of them. I guess you’ll end with about 40 health regen if you have 3 items with health regen?
I also get all the shards at the start, buy a gear piece and then wait for them to respawn so I can active most of my gear before the mission even really begins.