Any tips when facing off against a Mellka player?

She seems to be the hardest counter to Galilea, as not only can she quickly escape from her, but also deal poison damage that bypasses her shield. The poison can effectively take Galilea out of the fight, from what I’ve found, and it seems like isn’t much for me to do against this particular type of character.

Are the any tips as to how to handle this?

My best suggestion is if you happen to hit mellka with a shield throw, then before the stun is gone use Desecrate with either silence or pull (or both). Antihero helps as well as any get that would increase attack speed. Thats just personal opinion though. Rath users who wont get out of my face are the only real problem I have to worry about since they eat through my greatshield like a lightsaber through butter. Other than that getting tag teamed is the only other avoidable situation for me (and probably anyone). Haven’t had any trouble with 1 on 1 against Mellka thus far as long as I play it smart.