Any Trailers for A&TR?

I’ve been searching for something to whet my appetite until I can download and play tomorrow, but nothing aside from a brief walkthrough of the first one or two objectives.
No trailers for this?
As a side note, I’m kind of disappointed. I feel like BB hasn’t done as well as Gearbox hoped and, for THAT reason, they aren’t paying any attention to it. No animated cutscenes in story mode, few trailers after launch… it just feels like they’ve mostly given up after Overwatch did so well out of the gates.

There’s a decent amount of cutscenes in the story mode. But it’s not optimal when playing with 5 other people in highly repayable mission, as skipping them doesn’t work and you don’t want to resent cutscenes (#kh1Riku). And they tend to release trailers late. I feel like saying the lack of an actual trailer is representative of them giving up is a huuuuuge stretch


Are you kidding? They hardly advertised the game when it came out. There is no way they are spending any coin on it now. Considering this game is slowly dying, I can’t imagine the quality of the “DLC” will be that great.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Any marketing is on 2k, not Gearbox. And 2k is… terrible IMO. They have yet to really market this game


GBX is paying plenty attention, the problem is that no one else is.

If you watched the pax stream, the announcers wore fake smiles and spoke very condescendingly, only rhe Battleborn presenter on the right had any energy or looked like he wanted to be there.

The matter of fact is, people have this false belief that Overwatch is better, and if you so much as mention Battleborn, they’ll scoff and call it stillborn or something equally uninspired and stupid.

Blizzard has spent an exuberant amount of money getting reviewer sites to trash Battleborn (even though BB has gotten solid reviews in several outlets) And 2k has spent nearly nothing to get people to know about this game.

A publisher’s job is to make sure people know about the game before it comes out, if no one does, you didn’t do your job, and should be glad you aren’t being sued. If you don’t like this fact 2k, consider doing your job instead of having the mods ban me again for trashing you when we all know I’m right.


Seriously still with the overwatch crap and the no advertising bs ? After more than five months? Come on.


I think they should have a little more gameplay footage for the dlc. Why is there no gameplay footage of the PVP? I would love to see how that plays. Just a 30 second trailer of what happens would be great.

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I’m saying it was the problem from the start, politely shush up and let me vent.

btw, it IS a marketing problem if the game’s been out for 5 months and hardly anyone knows about it.

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The vast majority of the owners don’t even play it tho, how is it blizzard or 2k’s fault?

I think you over estimate how many people actually own this game. Ebay, Amazon and Gamestop are very common ways that owner numbers get skewed.

Also, don’t change the subject.

I think it is 2k fault. They did not seperate this game from borderlands enough. Most people I am guessing bought this as a borderlands experience. A long rpg story.

Granted this is a hybrid of games. MOBA, story, and so on. It reminds me of the first borderlands. Not to many people knew what it was, so they did not really get into the meat of the game to see how enjoyable it is.

Maybe this is how they should have marketed it. “A new way of playing a FPS. We got story for you, single player, and Co op, crazy badass characters. And for the PVP crowd. A new way of battling it out. Were you born to battle?” And show different clips of the different gameplay.

I did not change the topic, I said you should.

Why? Because it’s 2k’s fault and you don’t want to hear it?

Nah it’s ok, have a nice day.

Same to you.

There are very few cutscenes, IMO.
Really, the only 2 missions that have ANY are the prologue and the Heliophage.
I wish there was more of that. Might’ve filled out the story even better.
That being said, I’m frustrated again with 2k or whomever. As its been said, this game has had very little support in marketing after release.

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That is true. But this game doesn’t use cutscenes. It uses ever present and almost always changing dialogue instead. Additionally, it’s not worth it making cutscenes to fit every group imaginable, so they go with cinematics and boss scenes

Which would be great, if there was more of it.
I’ve noticed some characters have special dialogue during missions, but it’s usually only 1-2 characters per mission. Not really a lot there to add a lot of immersion, IMO.
Mass Effect did a good job with fillers in cutscenes. Not EVERYONE had to have a line in every cut scene, but most of them a line or two then you just swap out basic character models.
I don’t think it’s so difficult as to keep it from being in the game. I mean, there are a lot of extra animations they made for trailers and commercials and the like. Why couldn’t some of those be incorporated into the game?