Any Truth To A Pre-BL3 Borderlands 1 ReMaster / ReRelease?

I’ve been hearing whispers for a while now that Borderlands 1 will be remastered and rereleased before the release of Borderlands 3.

Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?

Is this even something Gearbox could afford to do?

Found this thread in the News section, but have there been any more recent updates?

Thanks in advance for any info!

Did you use the Search function? Where are you hearing these rumours?
Given the difficulty in transferring a game to a new engine (big news folks: it’s not as simple as we think) I think it unlikely.


See my edited post.

And I’ve heard it from a few people over the years.

Spoke about it with someone tonight while I posted Overwatch.


Okay, so where did they hear it?


…other people?

The interwebz?

I dunno man…

Is where Jythri explains why changing engines is not easy…

I’ve seen a few people demand a remaster by ‘just changing the engine’, but they seem to know even less than I do about game production.

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It’s not easy at all. Remasters are possibly on a current generation console, but this game is two generations behind. It would require an entire rebuild and customization alone for it. Considering they just started production for BL3 it is very unlikely they will have the necessary resources to implement such a project.

Maybe if gearbox had more help they could expend developers to such a project, but I doubt they have the employees for that while trying to focus on the future of new games and new ideas. We all love this game, but I just don’t think it needs a remake. It’s already a good game. It wouldn’t hurt for them to finally fix all the broken mechanics and gear in the game though, but then you run into the issue of pushing patches for Xbox and PlayStation which I think cost money.

It could be done, sure. Don’t see why it would need it, i run borderlands at 1920x1080 all the time and it is crisp and beautiful m

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I’d love to see it. And while it seemed possible in the past, recent tweets by Randy P. suggest it’s not happening.

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Randy did say they’d do a bl1 remaster if bl2 sold well.
It would be amazing if they released a remastered bl1 on the new engine.
It would be all my Christmases and birthdays rolled into one.

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I luv some old posts, but it’s even better when they points pondered get answered in the way that Gearbox addressed --AWESOME! I always felt that a remaster of BL1 was a nice thought --back-porting a little contemporary BL2 like auto-ammo and money pick-ups and most all things I considered relevant now exist in the Enhanced Edition so, kind of liking it ALOT!