Any tweak or things I missed? - Hotshot Moze : Gun Build

Can type out a written up format if that is better for you all

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Cool build, did you go into Means of Destruction for the grenade regen?

It looks like you could take those skills and just go forge if your goal is just to never reload.

Also, I loved the superball usage!


The video does drag on a bit.

  • Build for primarily gun damage to Click Click (green), Desperate Measures (Orange), and Means of Destruction (Blue).
  • Nonelemental Flakker and Fire Lyuda were weapons of choice.
  • Bloodletter COM (for skills) for Phalanx Doctrine and Desperate Measures. Transformer, Hex (to feed ammo to the Flakker, etc).

This is prob the rarest item, but the elemental boost is meant for bosses so you could swap between two artifacts.


Thanks TLDW

Flakker really is one of the best things you need to make guns work in TVHM m3

I prefer to be tankier and pug a lot and love Auto Bear even in M3 so go 11/11/26


Sorry for replying so late,


Glad you like the build! I was really just using Means of Destruction to keep the ammo going. Wanted to make something that wasn’t reliant on grenade spam in an attempt to dodge out on some of the future nerfs.

Found that Means Of Destruction ticks have been beating out Forge in the return of ammo. Using a mirv grenade pretty much gives you a constant stream.


Thanks for the feedback,

this is definitely my longest video and I’ll probably stick to the more concise format. I appreciate the quick breakdown for those that are just trying to get a quick glimpse. I found the artifact while I was playing Fl4k and knew I had to play around with Moze.


Yea Flakker is insane, I just got a fire one a few minutes ago. Will be using that in the set up at this point instead of the normal one most of the time.

Moze is definitely amazing at tanking, I haven’t played too much with Auto Bear but she definitely has some really nice options. Will play around with the bear some more and see how it plays out.

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Totally agree with this approach — redistribution and means of destruction together is a far more reliable way to keep your clip topped up than redistribution and forge. The required point investment is also much lower.

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Yea, Means of Destruction is definitely insane value