Any UK players swapping cards?

Hey folks, bought a bunch of of the booster backs with the battleborn cards, and was wondering if anyone had spares they were looking to trade?

Trying to make a set for both myself and my brother, and we are both missing Ambra and Reyna, while he is missing a few others (Will update this with a list when I can double check what cards he is missing)

I have plenty of swaps of a number of other characters, and wondered if anyone would be willing to trade?

Edit: Here is a list of the cards needed;


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I have two Ambra cards…

I live in Australia, but if you pop your address in a private message, I’m happy to send them to you :wink:

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Thats great, thanks, I’ll drop you a message shortly.
(Or a little later, given Inhad to make a few posts before I could do that!)

No worries! I’ll include:
2 Ambra cards
1 Caldarius
1 puzzle piece (shows phoebes head/body and marquis’ gun)

Hope you can track down the others :slight_smile:

Edit/update 19/05/16: in the mail, hope they arrive safely, and that you can track down the others!

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Hi, So which ones do you still need now? I think I have them all for you :smile:

And I’m also in need of any card number above 15 (on the back they say ‘xx/25’) If anyone has any to trade.

I have
24 - Deande
25 - Toby
Yours if you want em, was gonna give to my nephew but he won’t know what they are from as he cant play the game, so if you want them send me your address and will post em to you.

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I don’t seem to be able to private message you STELFninja, maybe you could inbox me and I can try to reply? Thanks :slight_smile:

Have any of you managed to get any of 16-23?

I have 1-15 & the completed picture & got 24 & 25 with my game but haven’t seen any of the others at all.

Sorry, been off for a bit, but updated my list, and just checked through my spares.

In regards to the characters, I have at least 2 spares sets of cards 16-23.
16 - Attikus (3 spare)
17 - El Dragon (5 spare)
18 - Whiskey Foxtrot (2 spare)
19 - Galilea (5 spare)
20 - Ghalt (2 spare)
21 - Kelvin (2 spare)
22 - Kleese (3 spare)
23 - Shayne & Aurox (4 spare)

Is there anything your missing from 1-15 as I have double of some of them.

I’m missing Thorn, Marquis and Reyna

I know I have doubles of Marquis & I think Thorn. Will have to check for Reyna when I get home from work.


Now I’ve checked I actually have 3 spare Reynas as well as a couple each of both Thorn & Marquis.