Any Unique Gear Worth Farming For?

Are there any unique weapons or shields worth farming specific bosses or unique enemies for at level 69?

Thanks in advance.

Wee Wee’s Super Booster is a mix between a Torgue and Tediore shield, great for health tanking. Thing is, Wee Wee doesn’t respawn, so you have to save him for max level and dashboard farm him for it.

I would say the Dove Hornet hybrid, but we’re not sure if the Dove can even spawn with an accessory in the Remaster, so that might not be a thing.

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Hang on, I thought wee wee respawns in the remaster? I haven’t checked.

There’s also the Chopper from Motorhead, weapons from the non-respawning Kyros (Kyros’s Power) and Typhon (Typhoon), Sledge’s shotgun except only the stock can vary, Baron Flynt’s shotgun…

There are probably others too…cant remember off the top of my head. Some, like the Dove, are much less appealing now that parts are more fixed.


Well hell yeah! Seems he does now, at least for my PT1 Brick. Proof enough for me that he’d do the same in PT2.

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Yep he respawns in PT2/2.5, I was farming Super Boosters a couple weeks ago.

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I guess I should say, I’m not sure that Kyros and Typhon don’t respawn in the remaster too…they might, and that would be great!

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I think Ajax respawns? What about the Crimson Lance dude with the eridian weapon - MacCleod is it?

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Figured I’d run through the wiki this morning to tally these all up.


  • The Sentinel - drops from Rakkinishu (respawns), mostly fixed mediocre parts

Machine Guns

  • Meat Grinder - drops from Jaynis Kobb (respawn??), sucks b/c locked to barrel2
  • Ajax’s Spear - drops from AJAX (respawns), the best machine gun for just about everything and can spawn as an Ogre.
  • The Chopper - drops from Motorhead (respawns), fun but niche weapon.


  • Lady Finger - drops from Moe (respawns). Fixed mediocre parts.
  • The Dove - drops from Slither (respawns). Fixed parts in the Remaster.
  • Krom’s Sidearm - drops from Krom (respawns). Mostly fixed parts, best shock repeater.
  • Chiquito Amigo - quest reward, can spawn with Protector body.
  • Knoxx’s Gold - drops from Knoxx (respawns). Very good repeater due to low recoil. Check it whenever armory farming!
  • Athena’s Wisdom - quest reward


  • Patton - drops from Queen Tarantella (respawn??). Fixed crappy parts.
  • Madjack - drops from One-Eyed Jack (respawns). Body varies, weird niche weapon.


  • Leviathan - drops from Rakk Hive (respawns). Mostly fixed parts…not sure if this weapon is good for anything.
  • The Roaster - drops from Taylor Kobb (respawn??). Just a fire launcher, nothing special.


  • Boom Stick - drops from Baron Flynt (respawns). Weird niche weapon, can spawn w/ the Friendly Fire accessory
  • Sledge’s Shotgun - drops from Sledge (respawns). Mostly fixed parts, stock varies but is invisible…so hard to tell what you’ve got.
  • The Blister - drops from Mothrakk (respawns). Mostly fixed parts, decent corrosive shotgun.
  • TK’s Wave - drops from Scar (respawns). Weird niche weapon, can spawn with the Bulldog mag.

Sniper Rifles

  • Whitting’s Elephant Gun - drops from Skagzilla (respawns). Highest damage SR, body and accessory can vary.
  • Kyros’ Power - drops from Kyros (no respawn??). Explosive, healing sniper, can spawn w/ the Cyclops sight.
  • Nailer - drops from Bleeder (respawns). Mostly mediocre fixed parts, accessory/stock vary.
  • Reaver’s Edge - drops from Reaver (respawns). Can spawn w/ Penetrator barrel.
  • Rider - found in New Haven basement at only one spot in the story.


  • Bone Shredder - drops from Bone Head (respawns). Stock and body vary, can spawn w/ Savior body.
  • The Spy - drops from King Wee Wee (respawns). Mostly fixed mediocre parts.
  • Typhoon - drops from Typhon (no respawn??). Weird niche weapon.


  • Wee Wee’s Super Booster - drops from King Wee Wee (respawns). Good special effects.
  • Cracked Sash - drops from Rakkinishu (respawns). All parts are fixed.

Thank you!

I only farm the Chopper and Ajax Ogre. Other guns, meh.

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Those are certainly the best, just add Knoxx’s Gold to that list!

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What’s so good about Knoxx’s Gold?

Isn’t it just a joke weapon he drops that you can sell for a lot?

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It’s very low on the recoil which is cool. I found a barrel 4 x3 corrosive one the other day and the thing is smooth.


My max tech corrosive gold is one of my most prized weapons. It’s not really the recoil, it’s another Stat called accuracy maximum. What that means is the farthest out the recticles will move away from the center. It has an absurdly high value of that stat. With mordecai…or heavy gunner roland…Lilith with max quicksilver…no matter how fast you shoot from the hip it stays nicely locked in place. I love that gun. I farm golds and do the armory just cause its there.

. I almost forgot…it also has crazy amounts of tech.


See above

This! It is a really accurate weapon while firing from the hip.

Grail Double Knoxx’s Gold, after many (many many) runs on my repeaters-only Mordy:

Maximum accuracy, widest the crosshairs get w/ sustained fire. AccMax = 2.35

As compared to a perfect parts double Dahl (w/ innate recoil reduction). It doesn’t look like a giant change in the photos, but it is a world of difference in how useful it is. AccMax = 4.00.



Where do you see the AccMax stat?

You have to build it in gearcalc. Lame, I know!

I messed around a bit in gearcalc and I can’t find ANY other weapon with an AccMax below 4. I certainly didn’t look at everything, but this may be the most accurate from-the-hip gun in the game.

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I’m honestly in the habit of holding L2 almost every single time I fire a weapon in damn near every game!

Which is great, until you find yourself playing a game that doesn’t work like that. Ugh!