Any Uniques(Blue) I should be watching out for?

Or a list of all the droppable Uniques?

Only reason I’m asking is because since about a week after I started playing I got a Unique rarity gun just randomly from a pile of trash. Since then I’ve just always been checking all the blue gear that drops in case it is a Unique. As you may know it is a very tedious process killing everything and then running back to see if anything was Unique because the drop rate of blue gear is crazy especially on Mayhem. I think I’m going to stop looking at my blues entirely and just forget Uniques exist for a bit. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything good blue-wise that I wanted to keep that wasn’t from a mission/quest.

Aurelia drops the Ice Queen sniper, that’s a unique. And that alone made me wonder if there’s more hidden oddities.

Fun fact, there’s a White grenade called the Echo 2. It’s literally the echo 2 device.

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It’s the one Claptrap mentions when you start the game as being repurposed as an explosive. I got one out of a Typhon Deleon Dead Drop and almost missed it because it’s white, but the red text just caught my eye in time. Threw it up on the wall. It’s funny to look at.


I did the same :joy::joy: