Any upcoming announcement(s) from PAX South 2016?

A damn shame that I didn’t pay attention to the date of the convention
Had I known ahead of time I would’ve bought tickets and gone for all three days. Wouldn’t have been that hard considering San Antonio, TX is just an hour and a half away from my town…

That said, should we begin speculation on what we may see from BattleBorn at PAX South? (Also any cool free swag?)

We actually weren’t able to make it to PAX South this year. :frowning:

The team is pretty heads-down on Battleborn right now!


Wow, really?
Well I’ll take hard work on a long awaited game over a presentation any day :slight_smile: salute

From what I hear is the game is in the final crunch. Which is awesome and I wish I could bring you guys some coffee.


And donuts! Can’t forget the donuts.