Any Update for fixing issue on Xbox One X?

Is there an ETA for fixing the problem with the game crashing Xbox One Xs??? I pre-ordered the game but haven’t been able to play due to the game constantly crashing… :frowning: It’s now early October and I was hoping this issue would be resolved by now.


Found this article posted in another forum but it was dated from last month…

Has anyone heard of a date for a fix yet? It’s good to know that 2K is at least working on the issue.

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I am incredibly frustrated by the lack of acknowledgement and communication regarding this issue.

It is absolutely game breaking, mp is simply not playable when boss grinding due to the embarrassingly high likelihood someone is crashing and powering down their Xbox on rejoin.

Give us a status update on the patch.


Yup, every time I load in to play with my brother the game crashes randomly. Sometimes it’s 30 minutes in… sometimes an 1 hour. Such a shame because I was looking forward to this game so much!

I just want this fixed!

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lower your visual settings it helps
mine crashed alot too till i did that its a temp fix to a very large problem

This is very concerning about the crashes especially on Xbox. I was.reading another thread where they mentioned it’s a hardware failure and not the game. Well my Xbox only shuts off with this game. My other buddies that got the game also so we can all play crash all the time too when joing a game. Only happens w this game to them also. So it’s not a console issue when it’s only Borderlands 3 that is shutting off consoles. Saddened that i can’t play w my friends as much I want without constant issues. It has ruined the experience.


I have tried lowering visual settings, both for the game and on my Xbox itself. It still crashes when playing Borderlands 3.

ya mine is starting to do that now and there is no reason to why its doing it
its the game doing it not the xbox

As I just posted in another thread a few min ago :

"After not touching the game for days because of these Xbox One X issues. I logged in just a few min ago after a long night at work to try and que for COS.

My X1X turned off as soon as it found a game. Nearly threw my controller.

I am DONE even trying to play this game until it is fixed. I have had it. I have not been so disappointed in a game in MANY years."

The thing that is really ticking me off is there is no replies from them about this. The website that said a fix was coming, that was over a week ago now.


I hear ya, I’m actually doing the same thing. I’m avoiding the game for now until it is fixed. Very frustrated that this issue hasn’t been addressed yet. I’m about to leave a 1 star review for the game until it is fixed. (I’ll change it when they do)

Yep. Once again, I logged in to today to TRY and do something. Qued for Social, actually got a game…no Xbox shut off…but no…only one other person in the group who left after 1 round in the 3000 Slaughter that glitches and wont let you re-enter if you die. IT was set to Mayhem 3, so can’t play. So, I qued again, full group on the best map for COS, people died in first round, two left. It was set to Mayhem 3. End of game. WASTE OF TIME!!!

The lack of ability to pick Mayhem level difficulty for matchmaking on Xbox is RIDICULOUS and RUINS the game. I am just fed up. I literally can’t do anything until this garbage is fixed. I quit.

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New patch notes for todays patch…and STILL no Xbox One X console shutting off fix!!!Weeks later and STILL not fixed! What in the heck!!!


I’d like to know if this is causing actual damage to consoles. Aside from the low key mention that a patch is coming they seem to be trying to keep this quiet. That’s a bad look to have as opposed to getting in front of the issue.


How long without proper acknowledgement and an Eta on fixing the problem before we can start demanding our money back. This is going on for quit some time. I bought my wife an XboX and installed another telly for full pleasure only to find out we hardly can play together.

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yes- its causing damage… My XB1S died when playing the game… Won’t boot anymore.


That is NOT good…

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it had just happen to me 2 times on my one x when farming the red jabber, but i notice the issue was occurring when i was spamig it with a ton of hex granades with my moze character, also notice that when the granades were exploting the fans of the xbox will spin like crazy

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Annnnnnnd the official reply just landed…

F-this company…


Game shuts my whole Xbox off when I try to join friends games…how is this still a problem.

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I dont think there is solid communication with their PR team. Basically, they dont know jack and Gearbox are being terrible about official responses here.

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