Any Update for fixing issue on Xbox One X?

I could have worded my response better. It would shut off the xbox after graphics heavy work during this game only. I never had it happen elsewhere with any other game. Upon restart I would get the heat warning.

Its been a week and it has not happened again after I redid the thermal paste. May be coincidence, but my issue stopped immediatly with a hardware fix.

No need to act so rude. I just asked if you could provide any news or articles or something similar mentioning peoples’ xboxes actually being bricked. I DO play on xbox one x and have experienced the shutdown a couple times myself but my system isn’t bricked. Maybe you don’t know what being bricked means?

I never said the game wasn’t responsible for the shutdowns nor defended the company.

I have been launching MTD from in game and it has worked for me so far w no issues. Many times when launching multiplayer from the menu screen is when I get the shutoff. Try loading game 1st and then search MTD from the pause menu in game. Hope it works for those reading this.

I’ve had mine shut-off due to this game plenty of times, two weeks ago it shut down again the moment I joined a multi-player game and refused to start up proper again turns out that my 1,5 year old drive is now not even allowing a new complete install from USB anymore, nor wil the box start up itself anymore. Drives hate it when systems suddenly shut down instantly and it killed mine.


Is this ever going to be addressed? Whenever I try to join a game, whether its from an invite, profile, etc. It doesnt matter, most of the time it will just shut down my xbox one X. This is the only game, ever, in the years of owning the Xbox that it does this.

Its been happening since the game came out and hasnt been addressed yet.

Yes, I have unplugged my xbox, hard reset, cleared cache, reinstalled the game etc. None of that did anything.


Nope, this is not going to get fixed.


That seems to be the prevailing theory, absent any comment from Gearbox in the 174 days the game has been out.


It wont be fixed, just make sure to not buy anything further from this junk ass business.


This is F*cked , just bought the game to find this. Can’t progress, can’t even play. Have you guys started a class action yet?


I don’t think they care.


well. it’s been 6 months and no fix yet.


What makes less sense than GBX not making more of an effort to fix this is that I have had 0, i repeat ZERO instances of this happening on my One S. Why is it an issue on the more capable console? My game will crash occasionally, but it just boots me to the dashboard.


A month later - STILL NOT FIXED. Still crashing and shutting down every single time I try to join my friend’s game. Insanity.


Are they still ignoring this. I hate having to wait for reload of Xbox and game only to get booted again.

They are, “Looking into it.” oh, now wait it was “They are aware of it.” or was it, “Not at this time.” Its one of those three for sure. (sarcasm)

Has anyone tried to claim a refund from the microsoft store?

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At this point I’ve given up hope on any fixes for this trash. Gearbox is a total failure. Borderlands is literally the only thing they do now and they even fail at that. Hilarious.


Not with the latest patch…maybe the next one.

(Been saying that to myself since I purchased the game…back in September)


Still didn’t touch the one x problems with the recent patch eh? Never saw that coming.

Not cool…

This is ■■■■■■■ unacceptable gearbox - how do you ruin possible the one of the greatest franchises with this bug - acknowledge you ■■■■■■ up and push a fix. Playing solo and through the story and all 3 dlc (I 100% the core game and all dlcs - if anyone at gearbox doubts my time with the game), anyways solo no issues. Multiplayer I can force and false “overheat shutdown” anytime I join or host a multiplayer game on my One X. Like the best part of playing borderlands is for the post game farming and mayhem, and I can’t effectively farm any higher tier loot (mayhem 10) because I can’t join my friends. Every time I do almost on queue my Xbox One X shuts down and on reboot claims an overheat ventilation issue. This is garbage, my Xbox is in a open well ventilated area and this is literally the only game that causes this that I own. I tested other intensive game (much more taxing on the system) like Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Gears 5 etc no issue. My question to you Gearbox is that it’s been over 9 months since release and this is still an issue. I love the Borderlands franchise but I don’t think I’ll ever buy another gearbox product again. Get your ■■■■ together admit you guys ■■■■■■ up FIX THE ISSUE… apparently gearbox isn’t a fan of business ethics and morality. I attached some photos of the error and the proof that my Xbox is ventilated well


You know there is only one way to talk to Gearbox and 2k, and that’s with a lawsuit.