Any Update for fixing issue on Xbox One X?

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ya i just started playing this broken game again after dropping it in Oct and i came back to the same damn problems WTF!?! is going on here???

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You are not missing anything , the drop rates are for crap along with XBOX X getting bricked when trying to join your friends. At the end of the day this can’t be good for the XBOX X just to shut off time again and again. If you play solo you do better but then you better have god roles on your weapons to play M4 solo.


I messaged gearbox and got the generic answer. They were polite and responded cordially after I called the employee on a copy/paste response others have posted on this topic… That I gave details to the questions asked in the original email. Bit bitter about that.

That all being said, I bit the bullet and did the thermal paste (Arctic 5 if it matters) since my warranty was long gone. Fan is quiet and the game didn’t stutter. That’s only one afternoon of playing so it’s hard to say if it is a sure fix, but it was far better than the repeatable crashes upon action skill usage.

FWIW, my issue wasn’t in menus or multiplayer joining. Mine would start dropping frames after 3 or 4 action skills then kill the Consol with a overheat warning on start up. Didn’t help I run an Amara elemental that relies on using the action skill constantly.

Moral is, sometimes it could be the box instead of software.

It isn’t the Xbox. It is the poorly optimized & buggy game. No other game we have thrown at our X has caused this issue, only this one.


Please provide some evidence of an xbox getting bricked. I know there is an issue with it powering/shutting down, but I haven’t ever seen anyone having their consoles bricked.

Provide what details? If you are on XBOX and a player joins then the whole system shuts off and you have to pull power on the XBOX to get it to boot up again. Ask yourself with all the games any one has played why does this game is the only one that shuts off your XBOX. Don’t try to tell me that system gets hot and it shuts itself off because this is on first start up of the game. People just started not joining because having your system shut off over and over again has cause damage to the XBOX. My astro A50 headsets from the game shutoff will not work correctly anymore so I do have people join my lobby. These were brand new headsets and now after all the shutdowns not all the lights come on the cradle.

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I could have worded my response better. It would shut off the xbox after graphics heavy work during this game only. I never had it happen elsewhere with any other game. Upon restart I would get the heat warning.

Its been a week and it has not happened again after I redid the thermal paste. May be coincidence, but my issue stopped immediatly with a hardware fix.

No need to act so rude. I just asked if you could provide any news or articles or something similar mentioning peoples’ xboxes actually being bricked. I DO play on xbox one x and have experienced the shutdown a couple times myself but my system isn’t bricked. Maybe you don’t know what being bricked means?

I never said the game wasn’t responsible for the shutdowns nor defended the company.

I have been launching MTD from in game and it has worked for me so far w no issues. Many times when launching multiplayer from the menu screen is when I get the shutoff. Try loading game 1st and then search MTD from the pause menu in game. Hope it works for those reading this.