Any update on screen stutter/fps spikes?

I’m in the lucky [smaller] % of players who got minimal fps spikes. On occasions the inventory opens within a few seconds. Sometimes it takes 5-10seconds but rarely. I do notice however some looting/tooltip related fps spikes though, quiet often, when I look at items on the ground. Last two weeks even the tooltip on random items stick to the UI for some reason, even if I moved away from that item or picked it up, the tooltip sticks and shows up until I look at another item and tooltip need to re-populate. Quiet weird and obscuring the view.

So I would assume by now, after half a year they would narrow down the root cause of the issue. I’m fairly sure these spikes related to looting/tooltip/item caching. Any official update on this please?

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We need to know which system you’re playing on. PC? If so, there could be a hardware issue or even just an issue with running it at your chosen settings, which would have nothing to do with the game itself.

Or are you playing on a PS4? Xbox One? PS4 Pro? Xbox One X? These things all matter!

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PC. Other games doesn’t have similar issues. It is BL3 specific problem.

I also had issues with the framerate until I turned certain graphics settings down or even off, and even though I have a monitor in my laptop that runs at 75 Hz, I have problems if I set the FPS at 75, or even 60. I had to set it on “Smooth 22-50 FPS” to solve the issues I had. This is with an Nvidia GTX 980M graphics card.

As always, Your Mileage May Vary!