Any update on shared trophy lists between PS4 & PS5?

I had 92% on PS4 (100% everything except Arms Race), but I’m down to 5% with the PS5. When I booted up my transferred characters, the only trophies that popped were for discovered locations. Gearbox’s Next-Gen FAQ implies we were supposed to get shared/stacked lists.

Q: Are there separate Trophies or Achievements for current-gen consoles versus next-gen consoles?
A: No, the same Trophies and Achievements exist on both current and next-gen consoles. Your Trophies/Achievements from current-gen will transfer to next-gen platforms within the same console family.

If the lists don’t stack, not only would we need to re-earn the platinum, but all future DLC/add-on trophies would need to be earned TWICE to maintain 100% on both PS4 and PS5 versions…

Qué tal tengo el mismo problema, ya tenia mi platino en PS4 de B3 y descarte la versión de PS5, fue fácil la trasferencia de personaje pero solo me saltaron los mismos trofeos de ubicación.

Se que no es el tema pero trato de buscar alguien con quien jugar online, se tarda mucho y no encuentra a nadie, tengo activado que entren a mi sesión sin contraseña, en B2 encontrabas partida mucho más rápido, no se si estoy haciendo algo mal pero soy nivel 65 en caos 10, en la segunda pasada con todos los DLC de la temporada 1, aun no termino la historia de la segunda vuelta.

Never saw that notice that the trophies would transfer, but as far as I know you must redo it all over again like the other BL only some trophies stacked when loading a characters from the previous gen console (PS3 Bl2 to PS4 for example).

Only locations popped for everyone and on top of that platinum seems unobtainable for now. 2 trophies don’t work even if you do it all over again. Check other posts. No fix for now and no answer from Gearbox.

You can accelerate the progression of some trophies, like you load a character that is not already MAX level, if you can a level it should trigger the trophies for leveling. Got the Level 50 by leveling a character that was level 57 to 58. Can’t confirm for the other trophies because I began a new game on PS5 and I had already unlock the trophies for level 2, 10 and 25.

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