Any way of recording from 360?

I have tried EasyCaps, they are pathetic and don’t work what so ever, is there any way of recording gameplay of a 360 without spending over £10?

Not seen anything below that price, no. I did look one time at a system originally developed for converting VHS tapes to digital, which was a box inserted between the player and the screen, with a separate USB or FireWire connection to a computer. It actually looked good, and did an excellent job of getting the sound and video properly synchronised on the digital output, but you’d need to tack another zero onto the cost.

I have an old video recorder, but when I connected it, for some reason it said this device can not be recorded. This is not due to some copyright fuckery, the video recorder was made before the 360 came out. Basically, I give up.

You’d need to use the composite video and audio connectors, rather than the HDMI connector - that’s what the box I referred to did.

That happened because Microsoft (and Sony) don’t want people to be able to potentially (keyword) record at HD quality. I am guessing your Xbox 360 is connected to your TV with an HDMI cable. If you were to use a Blu-ray device (or other HD recording device) capable of recording, you would have an HD quality recording, which is related to Copyright. However, if you were using Composite cables (Yellow for Video, Red for Right Audio and White for Left Audio) to connect your Xbox 360 to your TV, you would have been able to record just fine, without receiving any error message. The manufacturer of your old video recorder isn’t concerned with Copyright, but Microsoft (and Sony) is.

Yes. To prevent making an HD quality recording.

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It wasn’t HD, I used the 3 cables and the makers of the recorder are Toshiba.

I DID IT!!! The resolution was messed up, so I changed it.

there is my first gameplay, I was viewing it as I was recording, so I had a bad delay between my actions, so my skill was lacking, sorry.

Congrats! Did you use splitters on each cable, or something else? Might pick up one of those things myself…

Do u want me to film the set-up? It took a while to make.

Can you take a photo and just list the gear? I can probably figure it out from there.

K, wait.

No hurry - plenty of other things to do!

Done it. Took pictures, and a video of how to use it with OBS.

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First of all, install the drivers, do that yourself, there is no way of showing you how to do it, all easycaps seem to be different, so figure it out yourself, or if you have one that looks the same as mine, I will do a tutorial.

Then, connect your xbox or PS to the EasyCap using a AV cable and split it out to your TV for best performance, I realized I didn’t have any splitters, so this had to be done:

I don’t have any audio ATM because I have no more extendos.

I’m wincing a little at the splice, but if you don’t have any splitters… Will definitely look into doing something similar. Thanks for posting!