Any way to avoid barrier visual clutter?

When I pick it up it looks so distracting and blocks my view . Any way to tame that a bit ?

Not really. They allready reduced the visual effects. Back in the day using barrier meant going completly blind xD


The augments also make a difference. For example, deterrence field has the most visual clutter while being held.

If you are used to wearing glasses it can actually help. I wear mostly contacts now but when my glasses were dirty and couldn’t really clean them you had to get used to looking past debris. I feel the same when wearing the shield. Got to look past the debris at the motions behind it. Sure they can reduce or hopefully get it better later, but so far it has helped me keeping in mind I am wearing glasses.


They should straight-up add an option to change Zane’ shield opacity when holding it :c

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yes do not use barrier - gearbox team

no seriously just don’t unless you are doing a kind of content you can not handle without barrier play clone drone it is much more fun and engaging. sadly for some fights like slaughter shaft and wotan raid you might feel the need to use barrier unless you have speed run gear

What about the “drop” text right in the middle when you have barrier picked up ? Sometimes I dont see it but most times it’s there and now that I’ve seen it I cant unsee it. It’s so annoying