Any Way To Check Which Manufacturers You've Received Loyalty Rewards From?

I really, really wish that emails wouldn’t get auto-deleted from your Ingame social email inbox once you’ve accepted the attachment.

Gearbox, please maybe patch it up so the text of the email will stay after the attachment has been accepted? Give the Inbox a limit which we have to clear out every now and then?

Hopefully that doesn’t mean new emails wouldn’t arrive if your Inbox was full. That would suck.

Ok, I don’t know the answer, but I DO know it’s driving me crazy that I have to rely purely on my memory (shoddy at the best of times) to remember which manufacturers I’ve received Loyalty Rewards from (I know eventually I’ll get them all but I’m impatient) for the trophy.

Atlas may actually be the last one I need.

EDIT: Also, it just me, or do NONE of the manufacturers have “Kill 100 Enemues With Our Weapons” Challenges in the Challenges section?

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Man, relax. it’s not a chalanges. It’s just a helping hand in upgrading your arsenal (clever thought from Gearbox, I should say).
With each 100 kills you’ll receive purple-rarity gun of sorresponding manufacturer (in my playthrough that happed about once or twice per level), so If you like Jackobs, for example, you wouldn’t need to switch to other manufacturer just becasue you didn’t get proper gun of your fav.
And no, we don’t need those texts, trust me. When you’re on lvl50 and all those e-mails are looking more like a spam, since you’re running with Legendary that outdamages any purple gun -it’s just a cash reward for using this gun :slight_smile:

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There is a trophy for receiving a Loyalty Reward from each manufacturer.

I am trying to track my progress towards that.

After I get that trophy, I’ll probably never care again.



Hmmm… didn’t know that. Well, we have not so much. Tedior, Jackobs, Vladof, Malivan, COV (do they send e-mail?), Torgue, Hyperion, DAHL. I hope there’s no need to somehow get Pangolin :slight_smile:

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Oh man it had BETTER not include grenades / shields.

I got Tediore, Torque, and CoV today, I KNOW I got my first one pretty early with Jakobs, I FEEL like I’ve received ones from Dahl and Hyperion and MAYBE Maliwan and Vladof too…


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The achievement says “earn a loyalty package from each weapon manufacturer” so you don’t need to worry about shields and grenades. I’m trying to get this achievement also. I’m on my second play through and I’m at 77% on the achievement. I doubt I’ve gotten a package from Atlas since I haven’t enjoyed their guns but, if there is 8 manufacturers, my math shows I need 2 more loyalty packages.
I found this forum when Googling the same thing you’re trying to figure out.



I got the trophy a few days ago!

Was a nice feeling!

Best of luck on your murderous journey!

Did you ever figure out how to check or did it just pop?