Any way to disable the game pausing itself on focus loss when doing solo missions?

I play on borderless windowed and whenever I alt tab out of the game into another window the game completely pauses itself. When you’re farming the same missions over and over again trying to get that one legendary this can become pretty annoying since there’s tons of parts where there’s just dialogue and you can only sit there and wait. One of the worst offenders is the one between Isic and Goeff directly before his fight. Yeah it’s funny the first 10 times but now after hearing it way over 50 times I’d rather do something else instead of staring at the screen bored, and god does it take long. Sadly the game doesn’t allow me to, even though it should be totally possible, when I alt tab out right before the mission begins it is able to run in the background after all. I haven’t found any option in the in-game settings (apart from the “pause audio on focus loss” one but that doesn’t help), maybe there’s anything in the config files? Help appreciated.

Almost forgot this exists. But it’s still there and annoying, no one knowing any solution?