Any way to get the loyalty rewards on PS4 without importing a save?

I played Borderlands 2 pretty extensively on PS3, but I sold that off about a year ago and upgraded to a PS4.

When this came out and I heard about the loyalty rewards, I guess I assumed that upon logging into Shift it would recognize that I had played on PS3 and I would get the rewards, but maybe not?

Do you 100% need to import a save to get the rewards or am I missing the rigg way to do this?

You do not need to import a save to receive loyalty rewards!

That’s good news!

But, I’ve made a few characters in both games and haven’t received anything.

I know that some transfer/loyalty issues are still being worked on, is this one of them, or am I not doing something I should be doing to get the rewards?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

We’re hoping to get a fix in for the broken loyalty rewards soon!