Any way to get unlock rewards on platforms other than the one you played TFTB on?

I have TFTB on the iOS (including the season pass), but I play TPS on the XB1. Is there any way to get my unlock rewards in my game without having to buy the game again? Because, frankly, I find this to be a pretty dick move, since absolutely no warning was given that we would have to match versions to get the unlocks we were promised. And I know for a face that you can get stuff on the iOS to unlock stuff on the XB1; the Assassin’s Creed Unity app did it no problem. If you were going to do this, there should have been some warning, rather than forcing us to buy the game multiple times just to get the stuff we’re supposed to get.

Same Problem here… playing TFTB On XBox One but TPS on PS4… Will there be a solution for this problem? like swk3000 said, there was no hint about this :frowning:

I have the exact same problem. I’m going to create a support ticket and see if they help me.

edit: They helped me. You should submit a support ticket.

I also have cross platformed and I can’t get the rewards. What do the rewards entail, just out of curiosity?

New heads, skins, weapons, and a shield.

Sweet. Hopefully I can get the rewards.