Any way to play the campaign with mayhem mode on?

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I play on PS4 and as many others have found, when you play TVHM you no longer have access to the mayhem console as you do in normal mode after completing the game. I’m still not sure if this is a bug or WAI?

Currently running my Amara through TVHM and frankly bored to tears one-shotting everything and seeing really crappy loot (not to mention watching drawn-out cutscenes every 5 minutes). In no universe should TVHM be easier than normal mode and offer worse rewards.

So my question is - if I at some point in the future reset TVHM campaign, would the mayhem console disappear again or could i actually play through the story in TVHM in mayhem 1-3?

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As soon as you get to sanctuary for the first time after entering TVHM you should be able to slot in Mayhem modifiers on the sanctuary top floor near the command center (the skull on the map).

I played all of THVM on M2 until level 50 and on M3 after hitting 50.

Thats how it was for me.

Not sure what you mean by “mayhem console”


Are you on PS4? Sorry but the console to set Mayhem mode (hence ‘mayhem console’) is simply not there at all in TVHM after reaching sanctuary - not for me or my coop partner or quite a lot of people as per this thread;

I’m not trying to re-hash that topic, but I imagine once i complete TVHM it will reappear again. The question then is if i re-set TVHM, will i lose Mayhem Mode again?

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I am on PC and this indeed seems like a bug…

Did you try activating Mayhem mode in non-THVM and switch to THVM afterwards - then check the mayhem thing on the sanctuary?

Does sound like a bug either way…

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yup, it’s always on in Normal mode, and a blank room in TVHM


Yeah it needs a fix. Still cannot use mayhem mode in TVHM until you beat the campaign again. Super boring…TVHM is the same as normal w/o mayhem

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I went through TVHM again as Amara with no mayhem. Super boring. Not going to do it again until they fix it. The other three classes I level up will stay in Normal Mayhem to farm.

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You need to finish TVHM again to unlock it. I have just done the stupid thing and restarted TVHM with Mayhem mode 1 still on and now I can’t turn it off.

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Not how it worked for me. I cleared Normal. Once I got to sancturary on TVHM, I could change mayhem modes. I am on PC. I still have not completed TVHM.

I will say that the first part of the story on TVHM is cetainly easier than normal until you can access mayhem. Makes sense, because you are likely much better geared, even after a normal playthrough.

My biggest issue is that I am not experiencing better drops on Mayhem 3. It is certainly more challenging, but in my (admittedly limited) sample size, I had higher gold drop rates from normal boss farming than Mayhem 3 TVHM farming.

TVHM is a joke without Mayhem. I can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed or even acknowledged yet.
Not being able to replay the campaign on a challenging difficulty is a major issue.


Xbox. Same issue. Console disappeared on normal mode 2nd play through also.

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What is Normal with Mayhem on like?

I’m still on first character and first playthrough.

I can’t really tell a difference between normal mayhem 3 and TVHM mayhem 3. Both will have really tough modifiers at times and easy modifiers at other times. Spawns in slaughtershaft is still a ton of badass and annointed.

Yeah! Just tried this on PC with my 2nd character wanting to play in mayhem 3 mode on the TVHM playthrough. NO way to do this, but can still read artifacts and crush crystals. Hope they don’t remove those capabilities. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Am I the only one who played the 2nd campaign in TVHM and Mayhem Mode? I just set my game to Mayhem 2 in Normal mode then it carried all the way until the end of TVHM. I thought thats how you’re supposed to do it?

I didn’t run my first TVHM in Mayhem, but I did activate it before reseting all missions. I’m on Xbox btw. Now something I’ve learned about Mayhem can really help just in case. If you que for a group activity in a certain difficulty when you return your Mayhem level will now be that difficulty. Only thing about that is you have to enter the group activity for that to work.

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I tried just that … but mayhem 3 … and when the game started in TVHM there was no mayhem indicator … also when I finally got to Sanctuary the console was disabled. I’m waiting to see what happens when I finally get the artifact in the console, to see what level pops up.

Huh… That’s interesting :thinking: maybe I’m just remembering it wrong. (shrugs) I feel like it should just remain an option after you completed NM and went into TVHM, or better yet! Have the damn option in the main menu and in Sanctuary.

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I figured it out. I never tried just inserting the artifact into the console. I assumed I did not have it yet. But I just clicked on the center pedestal where the artifact goes, and it installed it, then allowed me to select mayhem modes. So now I guess time to get my butt kicked. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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