Any way to quickly level alts in TPS and BL2?

Looking for ways to level alts quicker than just playing through over and over again.

If you want to use them only as mules, power-levelling by having them sit outside Pete’s Bar or Vault of the Warrior or Guardian Hunter or…

If you want to use them to host games up to and including UVHM, you’ll still have to complete the story at least twice with each so that they have UVHM unlocked.

if you want mules, make a second account and start chars there. playing split screen at uvhm or op level will bring them up quickly. running Salvador pimperzerk at op3 dragons will gain xp and eridium very quickly up through 50.

if you want to quickly level on primary account, honestly ask for power leveling for your platform coop subforum, even if you tag along for a high level game and can try not to die… friends might like it if they are doing farming runs, for improved loot drop.

it also depends on how crazy you want to go. I created an alt acount character (sal because animal) and leveled to op8 specifically to power level primary account chars… truly the hour-played/$ on bl2 runs near $0.0000000000000001