Any way to reorder the character list?


So I have a lot of alts, my 4 mains, one of each class, and then mules to carry my museum of weapons and gear, some of them as collection (Like Pokemons, gotta collect them all oranges :smile: !) the ones for trading etc…

So far it was going allright, and last cough “mule” cough I created just took second position in the list instead of last :expressionless: so it’s becomming messy now…
Deleted the new mule and made another : and the new toon is still inserting him/herself in second slot, in the middle of my mains :sob: !!!

So anyone knows how to reorder the character list please ?

Thanks in advance !

Newest is always at top. I don’t think there is a way to sort them out and keep them like that.
You can load each one of them in order you want, make backup copy and if you use one of them restore the backup and it should stay in old place.

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Rename the save files. You can look up how to locate them. But that should fix the order issue.

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The file names are base 16 integers. For example, lets say you have the following save files 1, 2, 10. In game they will be displayed as 1, 10, 2.

Don’t be afraid to go wide with file naming. For example, let’s say you want to break shields down my manufacturer. Now let’s make the base 6. So file name 6 will be our mule for Anshin shields. You could then use 61 for Hyperion then 62 for Pangolin. Now let’s say that you keep getting a sh*t ton of Reposte Impalers (they drop like hair off a cat’s ass for me :grin:) and you want then on their own mule. You would then do 60 or 600.

The following is an example of what I did for assault rifles

The file names are:

  • 5 - assault rifles
  • 50 - COV
  • 51 - Dhal
  • 52 - Torgue
  • 53 - Vladof
    • 530 - Damed
  • 6 - artifacts

To keep track of it all I use descriptive shortcuts to the numeric save file names.


To all of you thanks so much. :slightly_smiling_face:

So yeah I have found the location and they’re currently named 1, …, 9, a, b, c, d, e, f (so base 16 I believe) so yes the next was probably called 10 (the culprit one) and got to second place.

It all makes sense !

Just tested base 16 naming, it works!

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