Any way to spawn ships via an ability?

I want to add an ability to my modded ship that will allow it to create several ships instantly and at no resource cost. Sort of like the Kushan Drone Frigate, but each ship would be controllable and independent from the main ship. Is this possible?

Probably. The customcode and .ship file for kushan frigate drones, in conjunction with the dronefrigate’s custom code, should contain all the qualities that disable player control and supplant it with other behavior. Copying the parts of the drone frigate’s code that handle the creation of the drones but not hte rest of the behavior ought to do the trick, though there’s a lot of still undocumented aspects of those systems

I see. Does anyone know of a way to add resources via an ability?

Hey, not necroing this on just because I want to necro it but has anyone done something like this since June?

i dont think so…but if i had the skill and the patience i would look into it