Any way to unFL4K Guardian Rank?

So, I hadn’t done much multiplayer, having only picked up this game a few weeks back (was waiting for the exclusive crap to end and didn’t notice immediately when it came out).

Anyways, last night I saw a guy on one of the BL3 Discords asking for help leveling his last few levels. Figured I’d help. Joined him in a session, and the host was modding. Didn’t catch it at first, as I was at first talking with the other guy over builds and keybinds.

But when I went to go spend my Guardian Rank, I’d gone up from around 80 to 1400 or something nuts like that.

I’ve checked around. Seems the only way to reset it is to delete the profile, and even that doesn’t work because the regular saves have some of the data for ranks? More to the point, that also has your skin/bank/etc data. Could offload my guns to my toons, but losing the skins would suck.

I’m not TOO heartbroken, especially since I gather from what I’ve read that it’s almost inevitable you’ll get your guardian rank spiked up if you play public games. But if there is a way to fix it, I wouldn’t mind know.

Kinda like the Guardian rank. Gives me something to go for, progress wise. That isn’t RNG or running the risk of becoming obsoleted through increased level caps.

PS: To clarify, the guy modding didn’t strike me as an ass. He was legitimately trying to help. And the other guy getting boosted was stoked, as he said he only liked the end-game farming and hates leveling. But, all the same, I probably shouldn’t have hung around as long as I did. But by the time I noticed, was kinda too late to do much about it. I do remember people doing this in BL3, but it wasn’t as big a concern because nothing but levels were tied to XP, so it had no affect if you were at level cap.

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See more multiplayer problems. Thats some bs. I want my ■■■■ to stay legit… All these hackers n modders i dont want that ■■■■ in my game. I would like to play with other ppl. Blah

Not much you can do now, but in the future, back up your saves before joining public multiplayer lobbies. That way, if something goes wrong, you can restore your backup.

Are you on console or PC?

Send a feedback ticket to 2k also with ur save file.

Theyre supposed to be quality control but… Yeesh.

u see why u dont join randoms lol , last time i had trouble on bl2 , it had my whole inventory deleted because of host bad connection . glad i had back up to recover

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Try this

No need to be snarky, mate. I did already look quite a bit. I’m leery of using a save editor. Those can go wrong in a lot of ways.

You asked and I answered, pretty much the only way I could since a direct link isn’t allowed and I certainly don’t want a forum ban because I was trying to help.

I’ll go one step further… send me your profile.sav file and exactly how many GR points you want and I’ll fix it and send it back to you. Make a copy of your entire save folder before you try it and if you think it’s messed up just delete the folder and put your backup back.


I’ve used it when that happened to me. Fixed my GR no problem. So I only allow friends to join now, on the rare occasion I’m not solo’ing.

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