Any weapon as high as crit in elemental damge that is a shock?

Any weapon as high as crit in elemental damge that is shock not base damage dot damage? already have stormfront as grenade mod and pimpernel that can 1 shot a lunatic in op 8 cause of relic, slag and catalyst class mod. hating crit falling off my hands as you reload

I’m not sure I understand the question, but I think you’re looking for the Storm. It’s a decent sniper rifle by itself, but the shock DoT is awesome. It’s no Pimpernel though.

im looking for a smg or shotgun or pistol that has high shock damage not the base one and i already have pimpernel shock

The Crit has pretty good shock damage for a SMG with good critical damage… you just have to keep your paws on it. In practice, I find that it doesn’t fall out such that I don’t catch it on the fly often enough to be a problem (although I have a lot of practice catching things like that from playing with Dahl booster shields). Seriously though, that gun is lethal if you can deal with the slippage.


yea getting used to catching it on the fly since I’m always worried id loose it on op8 cause I can’t get back to it cause of enemies