Any Witcher or Gwent fans on here?

While waiting for the next BL3 DLC, I’ve started playing Gwent on PC. If anyone else is interested, my sign up link is and we both get bonuses for using it.

For those that haven’t played, it is similar to Hearthstone :smiley:

Please, you can keep your pay to play games. Gwent is a rip of of MTG, and all about pay to play

It is a freemium model. I’m not sure how pay to play it is yet, just started playing it and haven’t spent any money yet.

There are a ton of games out now that pretend to be free, say it isn’t pay to win. But do everything in their power to manipulate the gamer into thinking he needs those upgrades. I won’t let my kids anywhere near games like that. I also avoid them. nothing in life is free.

Okay cool… again, I just started playing the game and am only looking for others to play with so not really sure what your point is.