Any word from devs on merch?

Just curious, I love this game and have been dying for some cool merch. As far as I can tell there’s nothing in gearbox store and the style of the few shirts in the 2K store isn’t for me. Considering using a 3rd party site like redbubble but would rather support the game directly. Also I know @Jythri had mentioned action figures as his inspiration for the game in several interviews, curious if they would do something like that. I already have the statuettes but there not really movable :wink: Given what a great job gbox has done on the past on borderlands merch, I’m just curious about the dearth of merch for the game so far.


Yeeees! Battleborn merch should be the best merch! Sadly, the 2K said has nothing really… Well, almost nothing, but that’s like the same thing. I can’t like your post sadly, because I am out of likes.(Gotta stop spamming likes in the poetry slam topic.)
I’ve actually read quite an old post about merch today, but it seems like they never really… Cared about the merch I guess?

Yeah, I’ve seen older posts in the past but as far as I can tell gbox has yet to comment on their plans (if any?) Given how extensive the borderlands merch has been I’ve been really surprised, but remain hopeful it’s coming…

I want a Pendles plushie.

I want an artbook.

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There are shirts avaliable from Take-Two Interactive’s website :smile:

Sadly, given how the game has technically been a flop, I doubt they’re going to invest time and money on merchandise that only die-hards will buy. On the plus side, fan made stuff will probably be prevalent though…

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I doubt that we’ll get merch, they already invested too much money just to see the game flop… I’d love merch and buy it in a heart beat though.
Sexy Attikus dakimakura anybody? :sunglasses:

Would kill for a Worthy of Song title belt, like El Dragón wears.

Id totally wear it when playing.


There are currently figurines and character cards, and i also saw various 3rd party clothing, such as a shirt with Toby writing “not cute” with a marker.

Edit: Oh, and pins or buttons or something.

Give me Mellka and Ambra figures (Pop Vinyls would be adorable) and I will personally buy enough of them to fund this game in perpetuity.


Pendles Hoodie
Benedict Alarm clock
ISIC snow globe
Boldur beer mug.
Toby mine earrings for da ladies

And the most amazing and awe inspiring merchandise yet, a must have for all …

Montana bobble head figure!!

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Will take some of those ideas on my personal “Things I´ve to craft”-list :grin:

A LLC marquis-style poket watch would be so rad. With LEDs and maybe gilded.
Also: foldable DIY “El Dragon-crowns” as print PDFs.

I’d love a little hoodini in a top hat :heart_eyes:

Haha, pendles hoodie is pretty good, hadnt thought of that. Great suggestions

An Orendi Plushie.
An Orendi Plushie.
An Orendi Plushie. Bonus points if you squeeze it and she says, ‘Die in a fire!’.

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Action Figures! Gotta get them all if they ever come out!