Any word on a PS4 multiplayer fix?

As of right now, it’s basically impossible to connect to someone else’s game or have anyone join yours. Has Gearbox said anything about this? That’s a pretty big bug to go this long without saying a word about it.

I have to admit, I’m a little worried that this is a “release and forget” type of game so I’m hoping to hear something soon. Even a basic acknowledgement that the issue exists would be nice.

If they have acknowledged it, I’m sorry for wasting time, but I haven’t found anything yet.

scroll down to post 83

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Awesome, thanks.

You’re welcome

still not working for me, i have heard that people can connect with friends if they create invite only game and then invite friends, but i have no friends with the game and was really looking forward to helping randoms. if anyone would like to add me and try, i have a lvl 20 siren at the nxt piece mission, i would be happy to help anyone! (US, north west) psn turtle091

Check out this thread, and get yourself added to the community!


After downloading the 1.03 patch I got into some games, did no other fixes so something is more stable on the serverside