Any word on Beta?

So as a huge fan of Gearboxes work and as someone who played a ton of BL1 and twice as much BL2, I’m loving the way this game is looking so far and I really want to get in on it after watching the last two videos. So much that I actually bothered to use my Shift account and linked it to Steam after the comment at the end of the video talking about a Beta. Long story short, I really want to get in on the Beta, but haven’t been able to find anything about a sign up or when/if it would start and I was hoping somebody here would know more than me. If the game is half as good as it looks I’ll gladly throw money it’s way and would love to be a part of testing and balancing.

This is already subject to a lot of threads in here if you take a look. However, there is no information on when the beta takes place and so on. The Devs said that they will provide new information so we have to be patient.

Yeah, I’m sure we’ll know about it here as soon as it’s firmed up. Closing this thread, as there are many already. Nothing wrong with being keen, though!