Any word on pc split-screen?

Can’t find info anywhere. I want to get the super deluxe edition, but if its not split-screen I’ll have to buy 2 standards instead :frowning:

I think there was a thread about this way back in april. As so far I do not believe there to be a definite answer but if we go off PC gaming trends on shooters its not likely to have split screen due to developers not seeing the feature usage being worth the effort to code for that platform.

There is only splitscreen on consoles

Man the switch to pc is getting less and less worth while. They should discount the pc version since its missing one of the biggest features of the game.

Co-op itself is one of the biggest features of the game which is available on PC. Split screen is considerably minor, even on consoles when looking at the big picture of overall usage that has been shrinking at a noticeable rate ever since consoles finally got internet connectivity. Couch co-op is just a small part of it now.